Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Waiting For A Kiss?

This little guy was hiding under the garbage can. He was very cooperative while I took his picture. Jer went and got a few pieces of wood from his workshop and whipped up a makeshift froggy house. Mr. Frog was very pleased. He scooted right in.

Feeling Blue Blue Blue.....

I slept like um... Didn't really sleep actually. I can't seem to get it together lately. I have a batch of unglazed pottery that has been waiting at the studio for a few months now. Something always comes up and yet at the end of the day nothing has really happened. Do you know what I mean? Please tell me you do! I had planned on finally going over this morning except last night I found out that family will be coming into town and staying with us for a week or so. My little studio is the guest room so I have to get that together especially since one of the guests is three and a half. I did manage to take some pictures yesterday. I thought it might be interesting to "pose" a few of my felted beads into a landscape or a completely different interpretation. I was actually pretty pleased. I think they look like poppies or lollie pops. The inverted one reminded me of cherries falling from the clouds so I called it Cherry Bombs. I think I will recreate these in different media and see where that takes me. I did make the single image into a 5x7 print and called it Snow Poppy.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I must say I love the little Cocktail of the Day widget. However, when I read it this morning I was quite annoyed that the word s_ was used! And I am NOT a prude! I must be turning into my mother!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Fun Fodder Finds

So this weekend we babysat our two and a half year old nephew. What a cutie!!! He also brought some toys with him, one of which was a big 'ol Mister Potatohead bucket thingy filled with potato bodies and "costumes". LOVED IT!!! Me -not him. I found great inspiration from this toy and plan on visiting my local Target store to see if I can find one.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Sketching With My New Inktense Pencils

Sketching with my new Inktense Pencils! OoooLaLa! Everyone must try these! I've been working the picture as shown in the bottom picture. However when I downloaded, I played with the rotation and I think I like the top orientation better. Not at all what I am used to composing, but I kind of like it!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Marge the Mermaid Ring

This is a ring I just needle felted. I love it! It reminds me of Marge Simpson's hair-only in gorgeous shades of mermaid!!!

Rovings. Glorious Glorious Rovings.

My latest passion has been felting. I particularly love needle felting. This is something that could probably be analyzed. Being one who is attracted to fiber and texture, I am especially drawn to the wool and have been incorporating felted beads into my jewelry. Sometimes the beads seem so "basic", but then I think that's part of the attraction for me. They are simple, simply made from a natural material. They are a fresh and "smooth" element in the rythm of a mixed media design. That's not to say they aren't time consuming or irritating to the ol carpel tunnel.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Today's Cocktail Sounds Promising ! Promising - adj : likely to suceed or yield good results (Merriam-Webster)
Ya know if it's not one thing, it's another. Invested in the Vivera Inks and the Somerset Velvet. Gorgeous paper. Printer prints beautifully. Alignment is all screwey. Printer prints cockeyed and computer won't let me align the image on the paper how I want. (Big sigh) I was in a photographic mood today and took these pictures, which I am very happy with. I can even see the dirt on the cherubs. These were my great grandmother's, circa probably somewhere around late 40's, early 50's? I love them. I suspect they give Jer the creeps. I am fascinated with the red geranium lips. They also have a velvety matte finish that didn't respond well to cleaning the one time I tried. So I let them collect whatever might settle upon them.
Recently I photographed a still life with olives which I used as reference for a pastel painting. I love olives both for ingestion and as objects. I think it has something to do with the pod-like quality of their construction. MMMMMM...Being that Jer (aka Sweet Baby) is out of town, perhaps tonight would be the right time for an olive adorned pizza.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A few weeks ago we were at the flea market and saw these amazing vintage doll house pieces made by superior in the 60's I think. I had these as a child and when I saw them I got that feeling -you know the one. For a second I was there and it was then. We walked on but I knew I had to go back. Yes, they were gone. Come to find out our friends Chris and Leila were also there that morning and they had purchased these little treasures. So they are currently in my possession, on loan, to fuel my creativity.
Check out my latest Etsy find from Accent on Vintage! I fell in love with this table cloth the moment I saw it for a couple of reasons. First I think it works fabulously in my kitchen. I love the touch of mod. It also takes me back to the 70's and not just because of the glorious orange color. I loved being a gypsy at Halloween. Anything goes basically when one is putting together gypsy attire. It was the one event were I could pilfer through mom's make-up and grandma's jewelry drawer and go out in public. This particular year, I wanted a skirt that would fabulously flare as I spun. Grandma had a beautiful buttery yellow tablecloth like this one complete with fringe and she cut a "waist hole" from the center and voila! I remember looking amazing. When I performed the "spin" the picture was complete with the lace covered hot pink puffy bloomers that I sported underneath.
It is a beautiful day albeit a wee bit overcast. Thats ok. Slight breeze, singing birds, smells nice....My Sweet Baby had to fly out to CA this morning. Hate when he goes out of town. I worry constantly. That would be the Cancer/Cancer rising thing I suspect. On the other hand, I can devote the next few days to being creative and I actually might accomplish something. Where to start though. The creative block has been looming lately.