Monday, November 30, 2009

ABS November Challenge Necklace

Well here is my finished piece that I tried to submit for Art Bead Scene's November Challenge. I think I got it over ok. We'll see I guess!! The pendant is from Lisa Peters. The rest of the elements are citrine, jasper, carnelian, glass and wire.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Little Swallowtail

Here she is my little Swallowtail Butterfly bracelet finished at the very last minute for Silver Parrot's Buggy Bracelet Challenge. I have to admit though, I love the colors in that caterpillar, and I spent most of last week trying to get that just right. Pulled out the polymer clay and came up with some beads I am not unhappy with. But they won't work for the little guy. So last night I dug through my drawers and found the beads that I thought were quite complementary to the butterfly. They are Czech glass, seed pearls, mop inlaid bone, sponge coral, vintage lucite, coral, lampwork, a carved resin connector and three little stoneware beads that I actually made this summer:D Sorry about the light. Michigan gets dark about 4:30 these days!

Friday, November 20, 2009

I am a bit hesitant to post this because this is not the intention of my blogging experiences! But I just opened yet another bill from our adoption agency and am feeling a little low. It's NOT the $$ that bothers me so much, we knew to expect expenses. But I want the expenses to feel "legitimate". It is just so frustrating because, for instance, this particular invoice is for the home study renewal (we have just entered year 2). Fine. But the homestudy renewal consisted of: 1. Fingerprinting - fine but we did it last year, why again? Well the answer given = the state of MI doesn't keep them on file. (?) (This is a completely separate fee mind you) We also don't get fingerprinted at the state police's office. No Sir. They contract other people at various locations-for our convenience. Our convenient location was in a little room of an unidentified office space of some sort in a strip mall. Well, it did have a written sign on the inside I think. The convenient location had a girl who fingerprinted us on her laptop it seemed. The security agency takes information like SS, driver's licence, all names ever used etc. 2. The caseworker comes to the home - I guess to see that we still have electricity since last year's visit. 3. Physicals ( I have excellent cholesterol levels) 4. Three references from friends who have known you for at least (?) years or so. See here again, these people already did this last year. Apparently nobody keeps records of these letters either. The only thing we didn't have to do over, was the individual/couples "counseling" with the case worker. Which is a good thing because I didn't feel like rating my sex life for her again. I know that everyone just wants an appropriate environment for the baby. I would want peace of mind if I was making the decisions the birth parents are considering. I'm just venting I guess. I feel like the process and the state is somewhat unorganized. I'm sure there are reasons. So during this season as we all see those we normally see as well as those we don't, if while in the course of conversation any of you finds out that your cousin's daughter's boyfriend's sister is considering adoption please think of Mr. Pearl and Pebble and myself. This link will take you to our online profile. You may email me if you like. The online profile is part of our agency's website, so if the birth parent(s) want information they can access it from our page. Like I said, I don't intend to blog about our adoption journey per se. In general I like to wallow in my anonymity. But I feel a certain level of comfort at the moment with those of you who visit. So thanks for reading!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Jangles Pendant Is Here!

This is the Jangles pendant I won from the Saturday bead give-a-way a few weeks ago at Art Bead Scene. LOVE IT!!

Five Hour Holiday Necklace

So this is my most current. I just got my little Artbeads package and these wonderful little stoneware "candy cane" beads were part of the order. I just love them. I had purchased these funky little brass caps a few months back and they don't work on just any bead. They really need a 10mm rounded something or other and tubular seems to be even better! So I was delighted to come across these little guys. Had a left over venetian glass bead and a faux cinnabar focal that I've never been able to make work - this is why we don't get rid of things-EVER!! Took me about five hours to say "OK" - hence the title:)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Loot Is Here!

Oh Ms. Mail Person finally brought me my anticipated packages today! Check it out - the etched lampwork is from Jennifer at Skyvalley Beads , and the ceramic connector beads are from Lisa Peters Art . I totally see the pink connector working with some rhodocrosite. Do we love them or what!?!

Monday, November 9, 2009

My Little Ancient Moderns

So one of my new favorite books (as indicated in the list to the right) is Ancient Modern by Ronna Sarvas Weltman. Last week when I didn't sleep because Mr. P&P was in Japan, I attempted to create one of Ronna's "assignments". I am not unhappy with them. I hadn't played with polymer in years. This time I tried shoe polish-couldn't find Future floor polish - to finish. Ok I guess, kind of splotchy, but kind of works given the "dug up" look I was kind of going for..... I would like to try the floor polish I think. Also, I tried the cornstarch peanuts in the center. I really like the organic shapes because of it. I am wondering about the complete disintegration of them though - how do I know if there is anything left in there and will it get moldy in there if so. Is cornstarch an attraction for anything alive? Should I expect mice or moths to follow me around if I string these?
I actually won something! This never ever happens! Pearl and Pebble was randomly drawn for last week's give -a-away on Art Bead Scene! My booty will be a Jangles Pendant from Jennifer Heynen. YAAAAYYYYY. To claim the glorious prize, my instructions were simple e-mail her with my info. Well my server thought otherwise and would not let me do any sending from that address:( YIKES! I tried various things. Don't know what worked what didn't. I enlisted the help of Mr. Pearl And Pebble because he speaks computer much more fluently than I. He tweeked and I believe the problem has been corrected, however, I think poor Jennifer received about ten e-mails from me. I envision that on her end she is like "OMG ! Can you believe she sent another one ?!?! Here just have the darn pendant already!!!!" Sorry Jennifer!:D
So I have decided to accept the challenge of the utmost kind presented by Tif aka Dottie Angel. I will not buy anything for my own closet or home unless it is handmade or recycled/resale etc. for one year. Check out Tif's blog to read more or just read as she has a unique wit that will make you smile and give you little happy feelings inside!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Inspired by my breakfast. Does this mean I am a foodie? I took pictures of my oatmeal because it looked good, yummy and reminded me of a possible color combination for a necklace. So, oats topped with dried cranberries and walnuts with a "little" milk = rubies, wood and pearls. We will see. This led me to my next thought -a title- which was Ruby felt a little nutty wearing her new white bloomers. Bloomers? Where did that come from? Why not creamy white hat or fuzzy white ear muffs? At any rate that made me hhhmmmm...."What would that image look like illustrated?" We will see.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

That Time Of Year Again......

No-NOT the annoying holiday music time (that wouldn't be annoying but enjoyable if it were played at an appropriate time), but the appearance of the simple and wonderful pomegranate. For the next three to four months they will be available at my local market. For those of you who have not tried these awesome edibles, I challenge you to pick one up. Now I know the first time you bring one home it is a bit daunting. Here you are all excited. You sit it on the counter. Hmm how does one eat a pomegranate? You may decide to cut one open. Well now this is a bit of a mess isn't it? "Is the whole thing edible?" you ask yourself. I am here for you dear friend. Get a bowl of cool water. Cut both ends off of the pomegranate. Now score from end to end (like a beach ball) around the fruit. You don't have to go too deep about 1/4" or so. Holding the fruit over the bowl of water pull it apart and you will see the exposed seeds. Gently "rub" them off of the white membrane. Get as much of the seeds as you can. Discard the skin and membrane. Most of the seeds will sink and any membrane pieces will float. So skim off as much white as you can and then pour pomegranate seeds and water into a strainer. Transfer seeds to a bowl. Grab a spoon. Enjoy!
p.s. all the juice is in the seeds which are easily "popable" so don't perform this on your favorite antique white linen table cloth as the juice will stain.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Tag Said White Turquoise

Well here we go - my latest. I am happy with it so yaaayyy:) Now, I am calling this White Turquoise because that is what they called it at the bead shop. If I was looking at an unidentified strand I may quess it to be Howlite or Magnesite because the veining is more brown than black. Which ever stone it may be, I think it is quite fabulous. Like pralines 'n' cream.
So, I am also quite excited because I purchased some glorious lampwork beads from Sky Valley Beads. (I'll post when they come -they're gorgeous) But, if you are curious and can't wait they click here and see them on one of my favorites pages.
I love doing treasuries. My latest one features a bead from Lisa Peters (Aren't I just the linky little thing today). It's actually a connector. I love it. I might have to have it. But anyway, I was reading her shop announcement and clicked on over to her Flickr pages. Wow! I really love her cobalt and earthenware (don't know if this is correct terminology or not) pendants and connectors. I don't really know how to work Flickr. I did notice these little square thingys that seemed to float over certain images and showed who wanted what. Lorelei, if you're reading this-Somebody beat me to 'em!:)