Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quick Trick Block Stack Necklace

Oh my trying to decide on a Dr. Seuss book! Laughing in the children's section at Borders...Great fun! This necklace was finished in the nick of time for Erin Prais-Hintz's March challenge based on the books of Dr. Seuss. The lighting in the picture is just awful I know. I'll try and get some better ones up tomorrow. The book I chose was "Fox In Socks." Don't ya just love the last page of the book!!!!! This just cracked me up because I realized that the good doctor wrote for the reader as well as the readee. Really do love the turquoise blue and red that always shows up in a Seuss book. In fact that is one of the first things I think of when I think of the books. I let myself have fun making these beads. I left the blocks all morphy with my finger indentations. I really had fun with the squashed rounds. The others are red and white glass and turquoise seed beads. The clasp is made up with another of those fabulous vintage buttons I found antiquing last fall.
(I hope this all makes sense! I just got back from a meeting and I am sooooooo tired. Way past my bedtime!)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Good Monday Morning!

Courtesy of our nephew, aka "Number 4." I really must get a spud bucket of my own. I love the quote of the day by Norman Vincent Peale: Change your thoughts and you change your world. So very true!!
Today is the day for the Solar System necklace give away!!!
I used the old fashioned method of folding individual entries, closing my eyes, fluffing all around and pulling out one name
Congratulations to LEANN of SUMMERS STUDIO !!!! Thanks for playing everyone! Have a great day:D

Friday, March 26, 2010

Bluer Than Violet

I did play with more dyes yesterday! I mixed sapphire and purple and you can see that it is a more on the blue side. That is OK. I still love it and am pretty proud of myself!!!! Mostly for just following through instead of adding to my intention shelf! But what lesson did I learn? Do not throw the silk in with the wool! The result is similar to when you leave a tissue in your jeans pocket and run through the washing machine. I've labeled the kind of wool each is. And this particular wool I got from jamielyncohoon on Etsy. I really love Romney wool, but the targhee -oh man! I just want to wrap up in it an take a loooonnnnggg nap! Particularly since I have been waking up at 3:30am lately. I hear this is the norm for 40+ ???? As I was dragging into a meeting this morning, a friend noticed the fatigue. When I said insomnia she said "Oh - 3:30?" How did you know? She said that was "the time" and that's when the Spirits are talking. Never heard of this. Have you? I wish they could chat with me, say 10am, over coffee.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Woke Up Feeling Violet

I woke up with all shades of violet on my mind. Don't know what that is all about. Maybe it is an emerging spring and all the anticipation of color. A close up of a pot of purple daisys I picked up at the market a few weeks ago. Their color is starting to change, but as you can see it is still pretty intense. They smell good too. Fresh and earthy. They inspired me to do a little batch of felt balls. I got some wool yesterday from Fleece Makers. It is undyed and I can't wait to play with some dye again. Maybe that is where the purple visions are stemming from. I am on my way out to the fiber shop to pick some up.
Now I have posted this necklace before and it has absolutely nothing to do with me and my violet thoughts. This is my offering for my first give away ever! Just tell me about your "color days." I'll pick randomly from any posts left here on Monday March 29.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Melanie Brooks was most kind in giving me permission to print out her lovely sunset photo so that I might make a pastel painting. Landscape of any kind has always given me troubles. I don't know why. It took layers upon layers and then -CLICK- it worked. Then I sprayed it with fixative. Oh:( Darkened way down it did!!!! Lost all my subtle "beauty colors." So what did we learn from that Tari? Ok so I went back over and over and it's not so bad. Needs some tweeking - the horizon line is still a wee bit wobley for the ocean. But I'm kind of happy with this. The really cool thing is that if I did 50 more of these from the same photograph, they would all "emerge" differently. I think that is the magic of creating anything.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sheesh I can't believe how crazy things have been! I threw Mr. Pearl And Pebble a surprise 40th birthday party on Sat. Was good but he suspected. Although, he did NOT suspect the acoustic guitar band. That was cool. This here picture is of my first attempt at dying wool! I am VERY VERY happy with it! I needed a Dracula red and didn't have one. So I made one myself. The picture is actually a bit lighter that the actual color. So now I'm itching to try more colors. Don't you love it when the first attempt is a success?!?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Blue/Green and Orange/Red

AKA Turquoise and Coral. My bracelet using a complementary color scheme for the Beads of Clay Color Challenge. The beautiful little focal is from Spirited Earth. I'm having great fun participating in this. If you are not already playing check out Artisan Clay's post for details and jump right in!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Peony I Would Be

If I were a month I'd be May. If I were a day I'd be Monday. If I were a time of day I'd be morning. If I were a planet I would be Earth. If I were a sea animal I would be a dolphin. If I were a direction I would be Northwest. If I were a piece of furniture I would be Mid-Century Modern. If I were a liquid I would be water from a spring. If I were a gemstone I would be turquoise. If I were a tree I would be the favorite of all the birds (but not so much the dogs). If I were a tool my handle would be leather. If I were a flower I would be a Peony. If I were and element of weather I would be a soft summer rain. If I were a musical instrument I would be a guitar. If I were a color I would be blue with a bit of green. If I were an emotion I would be peaceful. If I were a fruit I would be a mango. If I were a sound I would be baby's laughter. If I were an element I would be water. If I were a car I would be a classic. If I were a food I would be delicious. If I were a place I would be full of ambiance. If I were a material I would be embroidered cotton. If I were a taste I would be savory. If I were a scent I would have spicy undertones. If I were a body part I would be eyes. If I were a facial expression I would be a smile. If I were a song I would be soothing, smooth and mellow. If I were a bird I would be an owl. If I were a gift I would be appreciated. If I were a street I would be brick. If I were a city I would have a really cool Main Street and a huge park. If I were a door I would be french. If I were a pair of shoes I would feel like a dream. My thanks to Lori from whose blog I borrowed this. It really was uplifting to do. I challenge you to do one too. It makes you think about the little things that you love and find wonder in. A really nice positive reflection.