Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm Still Here!

Well golly I guess a whole month plus some slipped right by. I do have a most excellent excuse though.... Meet my little tough girl. She quacks like a baby duck and makes the sweetest sound when she smacks her lips. She has the most intoxicating scent. She could give Maggie Simpson a run for the money with the binkey action. She looks like an angel. She loves to cuddle. And I am in love! Don't ya just dig the outfit? Vintage Lucys on Etsy. A lot going on these days.... Mr. Pearl and Pebble had an appendectomy. My Brother in Law has leukemia. My S.I.L. has got to be a wreck. So prayers would be most welcome. And thank you in advance. I did make up a necklace for her during nap time. Kelley makes really wonderful glass worry stones for just such occasions. They are significant in size and weight and can be carried around in a pocket if preferred. I particularly love the colors in this one and paired it with a lavender leather cord.
Hopefully it won't be a month before I blog again. I do miss it. Bare with me and thanks for hanging around.