Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Need Some Beads?

Are these beads not spectacular?!?!?! Visit Laurel Moon's blog for a chance to win these babies! They are all creations of Melanie Brooks from Earthenwood Studio. Have you ever held an Earthenwood bead? They are magic. I truely hope I win of course, but best of luck to you. Go now and leave a comment!
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Friday, August 26, 2011

Amber Tapestry

Finally I have completed something for Art Bead Scene's monthly challenge. As each month begins, I get all excited about the new challenge. When I have half a second I start shopping for beads, dig through my stash, etc. Usually I am frustrated because the month comes to a close and I haven't done anything. I really really hate that feeling. This month I managed to make it before the deadline, and actually make it a few days before the deadline! Yay me!! Isn't the glass fabulous?!?!! The glass headpins are from Gardanne. The wonderful little jump rings are from Hanson Stone and the copper earwires are from Miss Fickle Media. I call them Amber Tapestry.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bead Update

Remember a couple weeks ago (might have been months-I don't know) when I showed you my gorgeous slag beads from Lake Michigan? Well I finally put it all together and this is what I came up with......
I love the blues-like a whole LOT, and I wish I was a keepin this one. BTW the stones are from Stone Me on Etsy. And here is my second batch of glazed beads. I am pretty happy with the results. I want a block of hours where I can play with the clay. When I get little snippets of time, I just roll morphy rounds-which I love-but it all can't be just that. I also want to play with my glazes more too.
I have a really neat gold, but it comes out quite black. The black is cool. I like it. But it is not the gold I envision when I am brushing it on.
These are my favorites. I love the matte finish. I love the turquoise. I love the "roughness" and how they look like I was digging in the backyard and came across little treasures buried decades ago.
How are you all doing with your Bead Soups? I haven't assembled yet, I have them laid out, partnered with other beads, moved around and thinking about where I want to go with them. If you don't know what Bead Soup is, click the icon at the top right of the page and seriously consider playing in the next round. Have a great day!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

It might have been good George........

I just got THE BEST e-mail from my sister-in-law. It's a little joke and it goes something like this: A woman was sitting in a bar enjoying a cocktail after work with some co-workers when an extraordinarily handsome, extremely sexy middle aged man wandered in. She tried to look away but couldn't stop starring. Seasoned as he was he noticed her gaze and walked over to her. He whispered in her ear " I will do anything you want me to, no matter how kinky, for twenty dollars. But there is one condition." Intrigued she asked what the condition was. "You must tell me in three words." The woman thought for a moment, reached into her purse and pressed a twenty and her address into his hand. She looked at him thankfully and said "Clean my house."
OK needless to say I found this extremely funny! All I can imagine is George Clooney wandering around my living room with the vacuum cleaner while I sip the most fabulous pomegranate margarita ever made. Johnny Depp would be OK too, as long as he was dressed in his pirate outfit.
The thing about me is that I OVER THINK sometimes, and this wondrous fantasy soon came crashing as I the pessimist took the fantasy to the point where George was constantly asking where this should go and where could he find that. So annoying. I'll just do it myself.
I know the baby pic really has nothing to do with the post, but I only have baby pics at the moment. They are laughing though!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Teaser Teaser Teaser

A little teaser pic for you of the soup ingredients for my Bead Soup partner, Rhea!

Friday, August 12, 2011


Feast your eyes on this lovely bunch of beads that I received from my partner Rhea Freitag. And I have been so into the blues lately too. But she didn't just pick out these blue beauties randomly. She told me my sweet sweet babies were her inspiration! Not simply just blue for boys, the sunburst clasp represents the energy and excitement that Mr. Pearl and Pebble and I felt when we found out we were to finally be a mommy and daddy. The beautiful agate pendant, a stone of protection, especially from energy drain. And the faceted sodalite beads for inner peace. I am so touched that Rhea put so much thought into making these ingredients so personal! Jewelry isn't Rhea's only passion. She is quite a talented mixed media artist too. Head on over to her blog and shop and see what I mean. (I linked the shop to my favorite piece) This is her first Bead Soup and it is a whammy! There are hundreds participating. I can't believe how much energy our fearless leader Lori has stored up. She deserves an agate tiera!

The Results Are In..........

Well the Fire Fly finished firing (sounds Seussy doesn't it?) around 10pm last night so I didn't get to see the results until this morning. I was really prepared for anything. I grabbed the camera and went downstairs, snapping as I opened it up.........
A little breath holding..........
So used to having to do things over twenty times............
Oh just open the thing........
Could it be?!?!?!
As you can see I did remove about four beads before firing. Sometimes I get sooooo anxious and set myself up for failure because of my impatience.
Oh glorious beads, I love thee.........
And so dear fellow bloggers, you all are the first to share my first beady success with me! Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blessed Little Orbs

Oh I am still figuring out what furniture is needed. Working with what I have though, and soooo anxious to have a load of finished beads, this is the configuration I came up with to get the most beads cooked. Shouting out to the clay people-will this work? The back left three are not touching, it is just my shooting angle. I have kiln wash on the floor. The wire is 14g hefty something or other that I just got last week from the ceramic supply. I will run it in the morning unless someone yells STOP!!!! That is a nice pallet isn't it? Very interesting (and exciting) to me that what I see is not what I will get.