Friday, September 30, 2011

Opinions Please

So I want to work with my white wire here. "Problem" is that all I have to do is look at it much less touch it with my pliers for the white to chip off. On some level it works for me, on another it doesn't. Do you think it lends a vintage look or just plain old shoddy?
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Friday, September 16, 2011

Blue Soup

SOUP SOUP SOUP SOUP SOUP!!!! It's here and just to refresh, here is the lovely stash that Rhea sent me. I was definitely challenged by the mix, and after rearranging and rearranging, I ended up using some of my own stash with this fabulous pendant and clasp, saving the sodalite and glass for a bracelet and earrings and another post. The pendant instantly reminded me of summers we used to spend on lake Michigan. We would spend a week, sometimes two, at Silver Lake, renting a cottage right on Silver Lake at the foot of the dunes. We would climb the dunes getting "lost" between the sandy mountains until we climbed over the peak that revealed Lake Michigan. Which looks like the ocean. A little tamer maybe, but still the same beautiful blue that stretches out until it meets the sky. Sunsets are beyond amazing. So this is what I see when I look at this pendant and I couldn't get past that. I played and played and played and I finally came up with a design that worked for me. I apologize for the light. As with everything these days I am right up to the last minute and this was all the daylight that I could muster.
The pendant is blue agate. I mixed my metals and used a bit of Swarovski crystal, labadorite, recycled glass and fabulous clay beads from Indian Creek Studios. Thanks so much for stopping by. Click on the link above to take you to Lori's blog with the whole list of this party's participants. And make sure to stop over at the lovely Rhea's blog to see what she cooked up! Enjoy!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I am participating in Michelle's Very Vintage Fall Challenge and these are the cool little bits she sent for me to work with. My wheels are spinning, rusty as they feel these days. Love the vintage lucite and especially the little have ball charm front and center! I have bunches of vintage beads I think would be fun to use. We'll see. Fall Challenge Button On a completely different note, I need some advice. I purchased some beads back on August 22. They have yet to arrive. I have convo'd the seller. Never heard back. Thought maybe the holiday, sickness, made to order??? So I convo'd again the other day. Nothing. I know she's not in the hospital, because there have been updated listings in her shop. What do I do? For the record I am a very nice person to deal with. I just want to know the status or if they have shipped, if my ding bat mail lady dropped them somewhere on the grassy spot between the sidewalk and the street again. I am more upset that I am not being acknowledged. She has hundreds of 100% positive feedback. No neutral. No negative. I do not understand.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I Heart Macro

This weeks snapshot-and i did use the tripod. The beginnings of a beaded bead. I love the colors of these seed beads. I'm playing around with different beads for my Bead Soup piece(s). The pendant Rhea sent me has many wonderful shades of blues. And I have miles and miles of endless sea on the brain when I look at it. Getting so close to the deadline-the hop starts next Sat. Still we are talking about me and that means I am five and a half days ahead of schedule.
studio waterstone

Sunday, September 4, 2011

i heart macro

I have been meaning to pull out my macro lens for a few weeks now and when I read the i heart macro post over at Studio Waterstone I knew it was time to pull out my lens. I should have used a tripod I know. The least little shake makes things a little more blurry. I loved the colors when I saw this little leaf floating in the bird bath. Fallen and curled, rusted and floating quietly with a few tiny yellow bugs. studio waterstone