Thursday, December 22, 2011

Don't Forget To Thank Your Angels

How I do love nap time. I feel guilty at how much I love it. So yesterday when the phone rang waking one of the babies, I was annoyed. The girl from the dealership was getting back with Mr. Pearl and Pebble. So I called him, gave him the message and let him know I didn't like her because now one of the boys was howling. He laughed and was surprised she called the house because he had only left an e-mail contact. So I go upstairs to retrieve my babe in distress and as I glanced in the sleeping boy's crib, I saw this I had left gift bags from our Adoption Day ceremony next to the cribs, I thought out of harms way. Apparently not. I put one babe in the coral and woke up my other little man. He had a wad of paper pulp stored in his little cheek, and a wad stuck up on the roof of his mouth. I can't find anymore of the paper, so he must have ate the rest. But WOW! Talk about my daily dose of Divine Intervention!!!! I had just finished reading Heaven Is For Real the night before so I was even more convinced that the Angels assigned to our house were really doing their jobs well!!! So given my recent blogging activity record, I probably won't get another post out anytime soon. Just in case here is a little picture from the "Christmas card stash". I love how it shows the wonder and fasination that wee ones have with the most simple of objects.
Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!