Sunday, January 29, 2012

WOW can't believe I haven't posted in over a month! Hope everyone had a great holiday!! My life is wonderfully crazy as always. The babes are almost a year-can you believe it?!?! Our daily routine includes many servings of Cheerios these days. The other day when I poured them out on the trays I saw a heart in the middle of one. I set it aside and of course lost it. So next pour out I was on a mission to find another. Found one. Turns out it really isn't that hard actually.
Here we are with our "monster faces".
Sometimes we can even get the claws going too! I don't want to wish these baby days away, but I am looking forward to when we can make stuff together. Does any one have any non toxic media suggestions for little ones? Everything goes IN THE MOUTH. I mean everything. We went out of town after New Years. We have a mini van with split seats that allows me to climb in the back while we are driving so I can interact/give a bottle etc. Well I climbed back for no particular reason actually only to find one sleeping blissfully and the other awake with a mouth full of foam that he had been working out of a small exposure in his car seat. (Totally makes me furious with the car seat manufacturers especially as this wasn't a cheap seat, but that's another post.) The other day a wad of string. This morning a tiny moldy leaf from God knows where. So anyway, I guess we could finger paint on the high chair trays with food. I have helped them hold a marker while they move around on paper. We made a few cards this way. I'd like to play with something where they have total freedom though. Have a great weekend!!!