Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Homeless-Kind Of

So yeah it has been a very looooonng time since the last post. Right about that time Mr. P & P found out we were being transferred to California. As if things couldn't have gotten more nutty in our household! We scrambled to get the house in shape to list it and it sold in four minutes. No exaggeration. The morning the first showing was scheduled, I was crying walking out the door with babies and dirty laundry because we ran out of time to finish cleaning. Mr. P&P was behind me wiping the front door with Windex when the first couple to see the house came up the walk. I took the babes next door and a few minutes later, he came over (still holding the glass cleaner) and said they offered us cash. Done. So here we are in temporary housing in sunny southern California. Looking for a house. How do all you Californians do this? I mean like houses out here are a bazillion dollars!!!! We have a camper so we had to drive out from Michigan. Was NOT looking forward to that with the twins, but they were super. We did take the most direct route which wasn't that pretty until we hit Utah. We drove through Zion and OMG. I don't think my mouth closed the entire time. Almost cried I did it was so spectacular! If you were there at the same time, I was the crazy lady holding the camera out the window snap snap snapping!!!!! It will be months before I can bead or paint or anything again. Not that I had a whole lot of time before all this. But my stash is somewhere in storage. So we need to find that bazillion dollar house like FAST!!!