Thursday, August 23, 2012

See Ya White Box

So the movers are scheduled for Saturday. Yaaayyyy. Wonder how that is going to work out with the babies. Um hmm. Can't "toss" em in the yard cause there is a pool that doesn't have a fence around it yet. Hubby's parents are coming in on Tues. for a week or so. Don't know when I'll be able to get back on the computer. This has been one little perk of being in a box on the 4th floor! Oh and I actually read my camera manual and did the self timer thing. (So very proud) Took a new profile picture. AND I joined Pinterest and started a few boards. Boiled up some frozen edamame. It's all good at the moment. (Pigeon bob going on right now-can you picture it?) Why yes it is nap time. How did you know?!?!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Oh The Shame Cookie Butt

OK maybe not shame - maybe humiliation is better. Went to put on my pants this morning and discovered that at some point yesterday I sat on some of the boys' fig newtons. I walked down to the market to pick up dinner. There were countless people standing in line behind me. The market also has outdoor seating-which was full. Might even be better than that. Walked the babes and the dog about 1 hour before. Obviously Mr. Pearl and Pebble is not checking out my ass.

Monday, August 20, 2012

I want the best daiquiri out there

Can you still do this? The cat was stuck under the entertainment center. We are waiting to close on our house. So frustrating. This temporary 4th floor apartment living is getting to me. Wouldn't be so bad, but we have the dog and it makes going out harder. It's hot too. Apparently it rains four times a year in California. My e-mail addresses aren't working. So I can't respond to anyone that way after a post. There are three holes in the wall from the boys pulling the dining chairs over. I finally locked those in the second bathroom. The other two with their booster chairs are tied together, as are the doors to the entertainment center. The lamps are off the tables and the couch is away from the window. They are climbing everything everywhere. Purple juice and scuff marks won't come off. And plaster is pulled off the wall from the baby gates. This is all in one month. They steal each other's toys out of their hands, pile on, shove and pull hair. Eighteen months old. No real words. I guess that adorable high pitched screaming screech is preferable. So tell me moms, are the twos really all that terrible? Please tell me we are just starting early. Yes, that is the drawer.