Thursday, October 11, 2012

Home Sweet Home?

Well we here. It's been a little over a month and we're still unpacking. Not too much more though. Now it is more about organizing I guess. Up until yesterday it has been so hot that it still felt like the middle of summer and consequently I had "season disorientation". I miss Michigan. I miss the fall in Michigan. The smells. The cool air and the warm sunshine-when it shines of course. Yesterday was sunny and cool here, but the trees are a little different and the air is different so the smells are different. I miss my house. So much. It was a little unpretentious house but it was so well built. Quality. This house is big. It is not cozy. It is not well built. It is not mine yet I guess. It does have a beautiful pool and at times it is filled with beautiful and fabulous loves of my life. So I guess as long as I am where they are all is well.
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