Monday, November 9, 2015

My Blessings

I am so thankful for my boys. And I am so thankful for the little gifts that are really so very HUGE. And I'm not talking about a new SUV. I am talking about the tiny snippets that are less than minutes where God gives me a glimpse into my children's hearts. Yesterday my son was playing in his sandbox and called to me. So I go.

" Mama where is Daddy?" Atlanta. "Ok now go away I am praying to God." Oh ok. So of course I had to listen. "God my Daddy is in Atlanta please keep him safe and bring him home safe."


I have been trying to teach gratitude so we keep it simple and everyday I'll ask what they are each thankful for today. Today one of them answered "rain".   YES oh boy do we need it here in California! And today we are graced with low full gray clouds. My other pumpkin answered "I am thankful for You".  Choke sob choke!