Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Little Bit of Blues

Oh dear! Well of course I am late to post for Erin's fabulous music challenge. But here are my offerings anyway. The bracelet was an "accident". An after thought that occurred yesterday at naptime when I went to find stuff for my original creation. The long acrylic(?) bead is reclaimed from a commercial piece. There is a fabulous "wafer"-one of my favorites from LeAnn at Summer's Studio. And I included some turquoise and blue from the stash of my own ceramic beads-which I WILL do more of. Someday. Soon I hope. Inspired by the Blues, I guess I never thought what I would make would have any other predominate color. Eva Cassidy's Take Me To The River was where I started. But I have to say, for reasons I can't explain, Marc Cohn's Walking in Memphis won't leave my head. I wouldn't even classify it as blues I don't think. And my earrings. I actually made these beads up months ago and hadn't done anything with them, because as with most of what I make, I love it, I hate it. Well hate may be the wrong term. Disappointed? Embarrassed? I liked them again yesterday when I picked them up. Maybe they just needed to stew. They are painted, stamped and marked up wooden beads. These are my favorite earwire style.
Now this here was the BABY. I actually started it with Art Bead Scene's monthly challenge in mind. I guess I could still post it there. I embroidered a bird and randomly beaded everywhere. It is backed with recycled denim. Can't have Blues with no denim now. I originally thought I'd have all beads strung, but I liked a lighter more simple design so I attached two awesome white patina-ed rings from Miss Fickle Media and a thin chain. You can see some of my sketch marks that I need to attach a few more seed beads to, but if we waited for me to do that, this post would be five hours late instead of three. Make sure you check out all the other players in this fine challenge.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

just some blah,blah,blah.....................

OK Is anyone sick of the phone calls??!?!?!?!?! I swear I will NEVER EVER vote republican because they wake my babies on a f. daily basis. Nap time is precious. Mr. Pearl and Pebble and I both had strep for the last week. Mine morphed into something else and the dr. switched up the antibiotics and added steroids. I am feeling better though. We've been trying hard to keep the boys healthy. So far so good. Prayers and finger crossing is appreciated. New molar pre-eruptage seems to be their leading cause of the crankies-that and being awaken from their naps. I have totally ignored the laundry. Every hallway has been reduced to half it's width because of piles of clothes. Sorry but I had to fondle some beads. It's been way to long and I can't stand it anymore. I signed up for Erin's music challenge. (Click button on side bar) I would say that blues is my favorite music genre. I think it's not "pure" blues. I think it's like a wonderful soup of rhythm/blues, soul, funk, with a sprinkling of pop/rock. I don't know. I know when I signed up for the challenge the artist I was liking best at the moment was Eva Cassidy. She could belt one out. She does a mean Take Me To The River and that one gets one my little guys dancing every time. So adorable!!!!! Hope everyone has a great day. Stay healthy. Sorry for the