Friday, August 29, 2014

Challenge Necklace

Oh I FINALLY said ok to parting with my precious patina-ed beads from Miss Fickle Media and enameled favorites from Sue Beads. This is my submission to Art Bead Scene August challenge.  The white chain and clasp are from Miss Fickle Media too. I do not remember where I acquired the carved Cinnabar bead. Really a nice weight necklace. I had a gift recipient in mind while making this, but I dunnnnooo.....

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The One I Did Send

My submission to Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search.  The gallery has now been revealed and you will be amazed-AMAZED- I say with all the awesome artwork. One thousand in all.  The theme was terrarium(s) and had to include at least one word. One this piece I used colored pencil over acrylic on wood. I do love the texture that creates without getting too dimensional. I forgot the spots on the mushroom. Oh dear.  Thanks for looking! Check out the other work and see who made the final 50 cut. There will be an opportunity to vote on your favorite work in the future. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Latest

I entered Lilla Roger's Global Talent Search after I finished my Bootcamp sessions. I am not sure if we are supposed to share the specifics but I can show what I did not submit and not divulge the actual assignment.  You have seen my wee little ceramic folk before.  I have only given a few away since making them about five years ago because I am afraid to part with them until I can make more. And two years here in sunny California and we still can't come up with an appropriate spot for my little kiln. Annnnyhooow, I used my little people as my inspiration and staged a scene for my painting.

It became a little narrative for me even as I started. I'll show you what I ultimately submitted in a few weeks. Got to go. The boys are into something and it involves the hose and wild laughter.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Girl Holding Cat

Colored pencil on painted wood. I joined The Trodden Path last year as a way to ignite my creative fire. Of course like my other attempts to do anything this endeavor has sort of fallen a bit short. But last week I logged back in and joined one of the classes- Acrylic and Colored Pencil on Wood. I loved it! I started with a piece of pine and while the boys were painting some of their wooden toys, I painted the wood. After it dried, I started drawing with my colored pencils. I could take it with me from room to room. It's 9x12 so a very transportable size and pencil is fumeless and not messy so it worked out well for me. I am still struggling with my style. Can't seem to figure it out. Have a few things in my Etsy shop showing my "stick" figures with minimal features. Seem to keep coming to a more naive style. I am really drawn to folk art so maybe that is why. I want to do another one but I only have a little piece of wood at the moment. We'll see.