Saturday, May 10, 2014

Bead Soup Nice n Hot!

Well I hope this works. I am posting on my Pearl and Pebble blog because as much as I like my new Typepad blog, commenting from it is not easy for some reason. Don't know what I am going to do blog  wise as apparently neither can make me completely happy. What does make me happy is playing along in Lori's Bead Soup  Party that she hosts every year. This year my partner is Terri from Terri's Blooming Ideas. Here is what she sent me.

Really fabulous fixins' for sure!  I am still working through all this goodness because I found that I was constantly inspired to incorporate that which I have been hoarding away in my own stash.  Maybe it's due to the fact that the boys are three now and I am worn out most of the time, but I am gravitating toward jewelry that is simple, easy and comfortable. So the first thing I made was a looong pull over the head necklace that feels fun and "big girl" at the same time. I love the blue agate beads that Terri sent and I think that ended up being a starting place for me.

Next I moved on to bracelets. I actually have two almost finished incorporating the luscious deep plum glass beads. These beads are really quite nice and have a velvety feel to them. The first batch of bracelets are strung on stretch magic. Yes I made stretchy bracelets. It's the simplicity thing. Not in creating but in wearing. I have not been wearing much on my wrists for the past three years because I am constantly washing my hands or washing something or someone else's hands. But I love how these turned out. And I love how they feel. And I love the uncumbersome simplicity while still maintaining a chunky earthy appeal.

(Oops didn't mean to show off the knot.). I also did a bracelet using the beautiful heart focal by Gaea and the sweet little kitty bead that Terri sent in memory of our little sweetheart that went to heaven a few months ago.  This is a fun bracelet to wear too and I like having the big chunky heart dangling.

I have earrings started using the lovely Gaea rounds and some turquoise nuggets. And a necklace started using the turquoise nuggets and that awesome bird bead. At the moment though I am flat on my back-not quite sure what I did to annoy it so badly. The boys are taking advantage of it though and I can only imagine what the other room looks like.

Make sure you check out Terri's blog to see what she whipped up! Thanks for stopping by. And thank you Lori Anderson for hosting yet another most fabulous event!