Thursday, October 11, 2012

Home Sweet Home?

Well we here. It's been a little over a month and we're still unpacking. Not too much more though. Now it is more about organizing I guess. Up until yesterday it has been so hot that it still felt like the middle of summer and consequently I had "season disorientation". I miss Michigan. I miss the fall in Michigan. The smells. The cool air and the warm sunshine-when it shines of course. Yesterday was sunny and cool here, but the trees are a little different and the air is different so the smells are different. I miss my house. So much. It was a little unpretentious house but it was so well built. Quality. This house is big. It is not cozy. It is not well built. It is not mine yet I guess. It does have a beautiful pool and at times it is filled with beautiful and fabulous loves of my life. So I guess as long as I am where they are all is well.
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

See Ya White Box

So the movers are scheduled for Saturday. Yaaayyyy. Wonder how that is going to work out with the babies. Um hmm. Can't "toss" em in the yard cause there is a pool that doesn't have a fence around it yet. Hubby's parents are coming in on Tues. for a week or so. Don't know when I'll be able to get back on the computer. This has been one little perk of being in a box on the 4th floor! Oh and I actually read my camera manual and did the self timer thing. (So very proud) Took a new profile picture. AND I joined Pinterest and started a few boards. Boiled up some frozen edamame. It's all good at the moment. (Pigeon bob going on right now-can you picture it?) Why yes it is nap time. How did you know?!?!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Oh The Shame Cookie Butt

OK maybe not shame - maybe humiliation is better. Went to put on my pants this morning and discovered that at some point yesterday I sat on some of the boys' fig newtons. I walked down to the market to pick up dinner. There were countless people standing in line behind me. The market also has outdoor seating-which was full. Might even be better than that. Walked the babes and the dog about 1 hour before. Obviously Mr. Pearl and Pebble is not checking out my ass.

Monday, August 20, 2012

I want the best daiquiri out there

Can you still do this? The cat was stuck under the entertainment center. We are waiting to close on our house. So frustrating. This temporary 4th floor apartment living is getting to me. Wouldn't be so bad, but we have the dog and it makes going out harder. It's hot too. Apparently it rains four times a year in California. My e-mail addresses aren't working. So I can't respond to anyone that way after a post. There are three holes in the wall from the boys pulling the dining chairs over. I finally locked those in the second bathroom. The other two with their booster chairs are tied together, as are the doors to the entertainment center. The lamps are off the tables and the couch is away from the window. They are climbing everything everywhere. Purple juice and scuff marks won't come off. And plaster is pulled off the wall from the baby gates. This is all in one month. They steal each other's toys out of their hands, pile on, shove and pull hair. Eighteen months old. No real words. I guess that adorable high pitched screaming screech is preferable. So tell me moms, are the twos really all that terrible? Please tell me we are just starting early. Yes, that is the drawer.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Homeless-Kind Of

So yeah it has been a very looooonng time since the last post. Right about that time Mr. P & P found out we were being transferred to California. As if things couldn't have gotten more nutty in our household! We scrambled to get the house in shape to list it and it sold in four minutes. No exaggeration. The morning the first showing was scheduled, I was crying walking out the door with babies and dirty laundry because we ran out of time to finish cleaning. Mr. P&P was behind me wiping the front door with Windex when the first couple to see the house came up the walk. I took the babes next door and a few minutes later, he came over (still holding the glass cleaner) and said they offered us cash. Done. So here we are in temporary housing in sunny southern California. Looking for a house. How do all you Californians do this? I mean like houses out here are a bazillion dollars!!!! We have a camper so we had to drive out from Michigan. Was NOT looking forward to that with the twins, but they were super. We did take the most direct route which wasn't that pretty until we hit Utah. We drove through Zion and OMG. I don't think my mouth closed the entire time. Almost cried I did it was so spectacular! If you were there at the same time, I was the crazy lady holding the camera out the window snap snap snapping!!!!! It will be months before I can bead or paint or anything again. Not that I had a whole lot of time before all this. But my stash is somewhere in storage. So we need to find that bazillion dollar house like FAST!!!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Little Bit of Blues

Oh dear! Well of course I am late to post for Erin's fabulous music challenge. But here are my offerings anyway. The bracelet was an "accident". An after thought that occurred yesterday at naptime when I went to find stuff for my original creation. The long acrylic(?) bead is reclaimed from a commercial piece. There is a fabulous "wafer"-one of my favorites from LeAnn at Summer's Studio. And I included some turquoise and blue from the stash of my own ceramic beads-which I WILL do more of. Someday. Soon I hope. Inspired by the Blues, I guess I never thought what I would make would have any other predominate color. Eva Cassidy's Take Me To The River was where I started. But I have to say, for reasons I can't explain, Marc Cohn's Walking in Memphis won't leave my head. I wouldn't even classify it as blues I don't think. And my earrings. I actually made these beads up months ago and hadn't done anything with them, because as with most of what I make, I love it, I hate it. Well hate may be the wrong term. Disappointed? Embarrassed? I liked them again yesterday when I picked them up. Maybe they just needed to stew. They are painted, stamped and marked up wooden beads. These are my favorite earwire style.
Now this here was the BABY. I actually started it with Art Bead Scene's monthly challenge in mind. I guess I could still post it there. I embroidered a bird and randomly beaded everywhere. It is backed with recycled denim. Can't have Blues with no denim now. I originally thought I'd have all beads strung, but I liked a lighter more simple design so I attached two awesome white patina-ed rings from Miss Fickle Media and a thin chain. You can see some of my sketch marks that I need to attach a few more seed beads to, but if we waited for me to do that, this post would be five hours late instead of three. Make sure you check out all the other players in this fine challenge.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

just some blah,blah,blah.....................

OK Is anyone sick of the phone calls??!?!?!?!?! I swear I will NEVER EVER vote republican because they wake my babies on a f. daily basis. Nap time is precious. Mr. Pearl and Pebble and I both had strep for the last week. Mine morphed into something else and the dr. switched up the antibiotics and added steroids. I am feeling better though. We've been trying hard to keep the boys healthy. So far so good. Prayers and finger crossing is appreciated. New molar pre-eruptage seems to be their leading cause of the crankies-that and being awaken from their naps. I have totally ignored the laundry. Every hallway has been reduced to half it's width because of piles of clothes. Sorry but I had to fondle some beads. It's been way to long and I can't stand it anymore. I signed up for Erin's music challenge. (Click button on side bar) I would say that blues is my favorite music genre. I think it's not "pure" blues. I think it's like a wonderful soup of rhythm/blues, soul, funk, with a sprinkling of pop/rock. I don't know. I know when I signed up for the challenge the artist I was liking best at the moment was Eva Cassidy. She could belt one out. She does a mean Take Me To The River and that one gets one my little guys dancing every time. So adorable!!!!! Hope everyone has a great day. Stay healthy. Sorry for the

Sunday, January 29, 2012

WOW can't believe I haven't posted in over a month! Hope everyone had a great holiday!! My life is wonderfully crazy as always. The babes are almost a year-can you believe it?!?! Our daily routine includes many servings of Cheerios these days. The other day when I poured them out on the trays I saw a heart in the middle of one. I set it aside and of course lost it. So next pour out I was on a mission to find another. Found one. Turns out it really isn't that hard actually.
Here we are with our "monster faces".
Sometimes we can even get the claws going too! I don't want to wish these baby days away, but I am looking forward to when we can make stuff together. Does any one have any non toxic media suggestions for little ones? Everything goes IN THE MOUTH. I mean everything. We went out of town after New Years. We have a mini van with split seats that allows me to climb in the back while we are driving so I can interact/give a bottle etc. Well I climbed back for no particular reason actually only to find one sleeping blissfully and the other awake with a mouth full of foam that he had been working out of a small exposure in his car seat. (Totally makes me furious with the car seat manufacturers especially as this wasn't a cheap seat, but that's another post.) The other day a wad of string. This morning a tiny moldy leaf from God knows where. So anyway, I guess we could finger paint on the high chair trays with food. I have helped them hold a marker while they move around on paper. We made a few cards this way. I'd like to play with something where they have total freedom though. Have a great weekend!!!