Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I heard from a social worker today and she told me that Anna's foster parents are awesome people. I can't tell you the weight that has been lifted. I know I will still have to get through my daily "moments", but I feel much better knowing this. Mr. Pearl and Pebble and I are getting away for a couple days. This will be good too I think. I've also started putting things away each day. Today it was the bottles. Still can't bring myself to wash her clothes or move any linens out of the crib. Her little head print is still on the flannel burp cloth I made her. But I do feel better at least at the moment. Baby steps right? Have a good night all. Thanks for listening:)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Warning-downer post

She's gone. Long story short, birth parents changed their mind. We had two months with this sweet precious little girl. We named her Anna. We are trying to think positively. Look at this as one of the tasks we have been given in this lifetime. We did a really great job in my opinion. But it still hurts like hell. One of the hardest feelings is knowing that we can't protect her. I won't air anyone's dirty laundry here. Please please please remember her in your thoughts and prayers.