Sunday, May 26, 2013


One month! How does that happen!?!?!? One month since my last post! Well today I must post and say a huge THANK YOU to Lisa Niven Kelly  from Beaducation  for awarding my Bead Soup necklace in the color category. And again a big big HUGE THANK YOU to the amazing Lori Anderson for putting it all together and hosting one of the most spectacular online events ever! And of course another thank you to Stephanie and Chris from Pixybug Designs for the lovely lampwork flower focals used in this piece.
I am still "hopping", slowly but surely. The babes and I have all had some weird cold(?) that kind of kicked our butts for the past few weeks. I think few things are as distressing to a parent than when a wee one gurgles and sounds like he can't breath while sleeping. Hopefully everything will be normal again soon. Normal? Did I say that?