Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I heard from a social worker today and she told me that Anna's foster parents are awesome people. I can't tell you the weight that has been lifted. I know I will still have to get through my daily "moments", but I feel much better knowing this. Mr. Pearl and Pebble and I are getting away for a couple days. This will be good too I think. I've also started putting things away each day. Today it was the bottles. Still can't bring myself to wash her clothes or move any linens out of the crib. Her little head print is still on the flannel burp cloth I made her. But I do feel better at least at the moment. Baby steps right? Have a good night all. Thanks for listening:)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Warning-downer post

She's gone. Long story short, birth parents changed their mind. We had two months with this sweet precious little girl. We named her Anna. We are trying to think positively. Look at this as one of the tasks we have been given in this lifetime. We did a really great job in my opinion. But it still hurts like hell. One of the hardest feelings is knowing that we can't protect her. I won't air anyone's dirty laundry here. Please please please remember her in your thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm Still Here!

Well golly I guess a whole month plus some slipped right by. I do have a most excellent excuse though.... Meet my little tough girl. She quacks like a baby duck and makes the sweetest sound when she smacks her lips. She has the most intoxicating scent. She could give Maggie Simpson a run for the money with the binkey action. She looks like an angel. She loves to cuddle. And I am in love! Don't ya just dig the outfit? Vintage Lucys on Etsy. A lot going on these days.... Mr. Pearl and Pebble had an appendectomy. My Brother in Law has leukemia. My S.I.L. has got to be a wreck. So prayers would be most welcome. And thank you in advance. I did make up a necklace for her during nap time. Kelley makes really wonderful glass worry stones for just such occasions. They are significant in size and weight and can be carried around in a pocket if preferred. I particularly love the colors in this one and paired it with a lavender leather cord.
Hopefully it won't be a month before I blog again. I do miss it. Bare with me and thanks for hanging around.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I stopped in Michael's the other day and a lady came down the bead isle where I was contemplating seed bead colors. "Aren't the beads so beautiful?" she said. I agreed. She continued, "Angels bring beads. They love beads. Where you have beads, the angels are there." I remarked that I had better pick my piles up then so that I can see which beads are gifts from the angels. "If you draw a star in your journal at the beginning and at the end of your entry, that will bring the angels too." I told her thank you that was good to know. It might be my pile(s) of beads. It might be that I actually began and ended my journal entry with stars, but I did get "the call" today. Keep your fingers crossed everyone because tomorrow Mr. Pearl and Pebble and I are going to meet our daughter and her birth mother. I might be quiet for a few days so be patient with me. And if you think of it, say a little prayer for us too.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meet Kate

Main Ingredients: Wool, Glass, Stone. Marinate then string with a bit of pearl and a dash of metal.
I used a green gold wool with a bit of brown, black, and natural shades to make the felted beads. The colors made me think of a pretty bead that Kelley had sent me as a thank you gift with a previous order. Sure enough, the colors went really well. I was lovin it, so I asked her to make me some more. Which she did:)
Combined with some yellow turquoise, green pearl, and some brassy accents, "Kate" was born.
This was my very first submission to Stringing Magazine and I am just thrilled!!! I almost didn't make the deadline. In fact at the last minute I had given up. I had been determined for months to create something and send it in. And as usual, I was down to the wire. Like right there. With an attitude of defeat I posted a picture of my intended offering. Well let me tell you, Barbara Lewis said um um -mail her overnight! And so I did. And don't you know I am so happy I did. My next submission didn't make it in, but that won't stop me from future attempts. I love love love doing this!!! If you haven't ever sent your creation(s) in before, you really should go for it. Seriously. Why not? What have you got to loose? Click here to go to Sringing's webpage to get the skinny on deadlines for 2011. Click on the links to the right to visit other designer's blogs and read all about their fabulous creations! Make sure you leave comments, because there are some really nice giveaways going on too.

Monday, August 16, 2010

This And That

I think it has probably been a good eight months since I ordered these cafe au lait swirly glass beads from Kelley. And I just completed a design with them. YAY ME!!! I have had them sitting together with these other sweet babies knowing that I loved how the colors and patterns were working so well with each other. I have had the center bead for about ten years now and don't remember anything about it except that I got it in Charlotte. The two amazing beauties next to it I picked up from Andrew Thornton's shop. And the bigger faceted barrels toward the back were someone else's destash.... I like it. I like it alot. Don't know if I want to plop it in the shop or not.
The family is on their way back to Florida. I think I am a terrible daughter/hostess. I think I totally stress when my house/space is crowded. And the heat just doesn't help. It may have caused the "episode", I don't know. I had to pull over on my way to work the other day because my heart was beating funny, I couldn't catch my breath and I was quite light headed. Mr. Pearl and Pebble came and got me and we spent the afternoon in the hospital. EKG was normal, blood was normal. ???? So I don't know. What I do know is that I do NOT like IVs. I have those cute little rolling veins and it takes forEVer to find a keeper. Ouch. The other thing I know is that it is very hard to provide a urine sample when you have a tube stuck in the bendy part of your arm and monitor wires hanging from your chest and the gown you are wearing is open in the back. It probably didn't hurt to check out the heart. Ladies, heart disease is a HUGE killer of women. And our symptoms are different from men's from what I understand. Which is why problems probably go undetected longer.
We took a little camping trip over the weekend. The campground was soooooo crowded. Still it was nice to be in our little camper with yellow dog. It even has A/C and a pottie!!!!! WHOO HOOO! We got home yesterday and planned the next trip. I am really really really looking forward to that one! The colors will be peaking (hopefully) in Michigan's upper peninsula-which is a lovely place to be no matter when if you ever get the opportunity.
Tomorrow I will be posting about my necklace that is featured in the current issue of Stringing. I know! I am so thrilled!!! Have a great day everyone:)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Little Treasures

This beautiful beautiful work of art was found this morning on the driveway. Upside down and quite expired. But pretty much perfect otherwise. Look at the color and intricacy of his wings. Amazing. We also found two cicadas in a similar state. I have to say that was a bit worrisome. Is there a pesticide cloud surrounding my house? I have been a bit more quieter than usual and that's because I have had my parents and grandma staying with us this past week. And the computer is in the office/guest room. Went to my sis's yesterday for a family reunion. (I'm convinced that there is nothing more humbling than for one to be surrounded by his gene pool.) The parents and grandma will be back here with us again tomorrow for a few more days. Then they will head back to Florida. Hope you all are having a terrific weekend. What treasures have you discovered today?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Treasure Alert

Look what Sue sent me! I KNOW!!!! Last week she had a fun little guessing game posted on her blog. She put little snippets up of a lovely visit she had in the Cayman Islands and had her readers guess where they were from. I love little challenges like that! And I really love the prizes!! Beautiful lampwork beads in those fabulous island colors! I love the white sugar beads, don't they look just like a pina colada slushie? Yum. And the enameled beads! The mauvy tubes look just like the subtle pearling inside a sea shell. And the bead caps are such an awesome size. But look at this little lampworked button bead! How fun is this sweet baby?!?! Thank you Sue. I am going to have lots and lots of fun! You can check out her shop Sue Beads here and pick up a few treasures of your own. I highly recommend it. There is always something new and exciting. (I really don't think Sue sleeps.) She does some really wonderful enameled head pins too:)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Playtime For The Technically Challenged

Having just the hardest time trying to get an intact treasury image! This is because I am still quite computer illiterate. I know you have tried to help me in the past with this, and I thank you kindly. I'll get there. Anyhow this here is more or less a test. It's my lone treasury at the moment; full of wonderful things that I found quite lovely. As you might tell I am sort of stuck in a neutral color zone, but an elegant one nonetheless. I think I linked it just fine if you want to see things much bigger. I just can't stand how much I heart that mid-century rooster coffee pot! And the print of the lady with the bathing cap?!?! OMG grandma had the best bathing caps. All kinds of rubbery floppery hanging. She had a leopard print bathing suit. The kind with the built in bullet bra. Sexy grandma. She looked just like Doris Day.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Calder Necklace

Here is what I finally decided on for this month's ABS challenge based on Calder's sculpture "Blue Feather." A few years ago I found a strand of clay bird beads in an antique shop. I don't use them, well, ever really, because A. I am a hoarder and if I use my stash then I won't have any more. B. They are kind of funky and I find them a challenge to use. However, as I was digging around in my drawers, (I'm laughing now because sometimes I have a juvenile sense of humor) as I was digging around in my bead drawers, I came across these. I had to incorporate it somehow. I had made up a batch of polymer beads for this project but ended up only using the one. I really liked the simplicity of the black thin leather cord. As I went to grab a sterling lobster, I was also thrilled to find that I had stashed away a marvelous orange enameled toggle from Gardanne Beads! Orange and with a hole no less!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Luanne The Wooded Owl

Today's shop additition, meet Luann. She is long and comfy. I know this because I wore her while I made some polymer beads this morning. Don't you just LOVE the owl bead?!?! I found this little treasure at Loose Feathers. The glass jumps are from Hanson Stone. I seem to be diggin' the longer lengths these days. It might have something to do with the heat and no AC. :( (All pity remarks are welcome.)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Melinda At Last

I tell ya, if I priced my pieces according to the time....... here we are looking at a $300.00 necklace. Nothing went smoothly. And I could not get the blues to photograph after I had finally finished. But my final answer is here and here. Yesterday I thought I had it finished.
I had the felted beads wire -tied and linked with double brass jumps. I put it in my Etsy shop. And darned good thing I had the inclination to take it for a test drive. The rings and ties were picking and poking, slightly, but enough to make me crazy. So when I got up this morning I reworked it. Same design really, but I switched out the brass jumps to the twisted copper rings. And re-did the felted beads with turned loops instead of ties.
Don't ya just love these blues?!?!? The fabulous wavy rings and lampworked rondelles are from Mermaid Glass. I love love love working with glass rings and the colors in these are amazing. They are shades of blues and greens that I envision seeing in the Mediterranean if we ever get to Greece. The awesome patina-ted brass rings are from Miss Ficklemedia. The lovely enameled clasp is from Gardanne Beads. And of course I just had to include some felted rounds because, well, just because.
And today's test drive was a success. Much Much more wearable. And for no particular reason, I have named her Melinda. And I think I actually like my final answer much better.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Our Little Crop

Sister Trish gave Mr. Pearl and Pebble and me baby blueberry bushes for Christmas 2008. This year our bushes have begun to grow a bit and we are getting little crops of berries here and there. This is what we just picked. I love fresh blueberries. Makes all this heat worth it! What's growing in your garden?
Serving side.
Cutting side. I have been looking for the perfect anniversary gift for my inlaws. When it comes to our parents, ideas for gifts get harder and harder don't they? So when I was reading Cecilia Galluccio's blog one day, it hit me! Check out this gorgeous cutting/serving board. Cecilia finds a piece of wood that speaks to her and starts working her magic. She sketches and burns out these marvelous designs. Very folksy and all hand done. I love it and I think Mr. P and P's folks will too. Click on her name to visit her blog. Click here to go to her shop.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Check it out! Jen Judd and faithful feline assistant Brando are having a giveaway! Two lucky winners will be chosen to win a glorious stash o green!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Giveaway Alert

Copper Diem is having a giveaway. I love love love this pretty silver and enamel charm don't you?!? The color is just so fresh, light and dreamy like lemon-lime chiffon. Go on over and leave her a comment to be entered in the drawing.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Giveaway Winner Alert

Congratulations Jen Judd Velasquez! Thank you for coming to my tea party, you rock Jen Judd:D Please email your info and I will mail these right out to you.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Happy Happy

Happy Fourth of July! I hope you all have a great weekend. Tomorrow is my birthday and I just have to share what my sweet sweet honey bought me. He surprised me with a macro lens! What a guy! So this here is one of the first pictures I've taken playing around with my new toy:) Be back on Tuesday and I'll announce the winner of the earrings from the Mad Tea Party giveaway. (So if you haven't already commented, go back and leave me a little message.)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Congratulations Marieke!

You are the winner of my "surprise giveaway" from our fabulous Bead Soup Party! I used the Random Generator to obtain number 51. (Couldn't figure out how to copy the image-so just take my word for it. ) Please contact me with your info and I will get these out to you! Thanks to all for visiting and leaving me nice comments!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I don't know why I started naming my jewelry. I guess to get "the story" started. This is what I made for Art Bead Scene's June challenge. It's based on a painting by Lautrec, Marcelle Lender Dancing the Bolero in "Chilpiric." There is a little printout of it in picture number two. Picture number one shows Yellow Dog in the background lying on the guest bed in my most untidy work space/guest room. The art bead I used is a beautiful teal ceramic connector bead by Lisa Peters. Did you know she has two Etsy shops? Lisa Peters Art and Lisa Peters Destash. I made all the colorful wool beads, needle felted them I did. There is also some tiny swarovski crystals and pyrite beads.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sweet And Sour

First for the sweet. A new pair of earrings demonstrating yet again how my kids get along. Earwires from Miss Fickle Media. Lampwork glass rondelles from Mermaid Glass. Enameled headpins from Sue Beads. Earrings at Pearl And Pebble.
The sour. I had one of my favorite plates hanging on the guest room door. It was my grandmother's. Loved the color on black and white. Pattern on pattern. It was a Royal Winton. I love Royal Winton. Here in Michigan lately, there is either no air circulation or tornado warnings. Yesterday the wind blue the door shut and my plate flew off the nail, which actually has quite a large head on it, so ???? You are now observing my precious plate. Now I'm going to have to do a mosaic. Sigh.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Bit Of Tea Perhaps?

It truly truly is a marvelous day for The Summer Tea.
As we all gather together in Wibittoo. With the ever gracious Wibittoo Folk.
Sheep and Hedgehog arrive and approach slowly. Hedgehog forgot the invitation! Oh dear....
What should they do? We must have our invitation! But it is not a problem.
Big Hector forgot his too. He just gets sooooo flustered when he's excited!
Penwali and Elizabethe arrive. Love it- they dressed in matching outfits!
The Mossies arrived next. And soon the party is well underway.
Me? I was running a bit late because I could not find my best hat.
We have music.
And the menu! Oh my my! So divine. Toffee Sandwiches,
And liquorice kabobs!
And honey.
We enjoy a special tea. Although it is not really tea at all,
But a sweet elixir from the Lavender Tree.
Every house in Wibittoo has it's own Lavender Tree.
It is such a lovely day for such whimsy! I do think I will attend next year! And I do have my eye on a little honey in the corner....
Maybe he'll come with me.
Until next year dear folk.
A party would not be a party, now, if there were not any favors!! I would love to send along a little gift of my own. Leave me a note of your visit today and I will randomly choose a name for this little pair of earrings that I have made up myself.