Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Calder Necklace

Here is what I finally decided on for this month's ABS challenge based on Calder's sculpture "Blue Feather." A few years ago I found a strand of clay bird beads in an antique shop. I don't use them, well, ever really, because A. I am a hoarder and if I use my stash then I won't have any more. B. They are kind of funky and I find them a challenge to use. However, as I was digging around in my drawers, (I'm laughing now because sometimes I have a juvenile sense of humor) as I was digging around in my bead drawers, I came across these. I had to incorporate it somehow. I had made up a batch of polymer beads for this project but ended up only using the one. I really liked the simplicity of the black thin leather cord. As I went to grab a sterling lobster, I was also thrilled to find that I had stashed away a marvelous orange enameled toggle from Gardanne Beads! Orange and with a hole no less!


  1. Love it! Excellent! So nice! And that polymer clay bead you made ...
    All elements are so nice and works so perfectly together.

  2. i love this combo, that blue bird is wonderful in this design..very mo-dern

  3. Very nice and thanks for the shout out.

  4. Call this one Serendipity.
    Because that is what it is!
    I love that you are a hoarder too. (Do you ever fall so in love with the beads that you can't ever part? That is where I am.)

    I am so time-challenged right about now. I hope that I can do the challenge for next month. This month I have all the challenges I can handle.

    Enjoy the day!

  5. Love it! I am a hoarder too - welcome to the club!

  6. Very Calder and I love the simple play of colours in your design.

  7. Love the simplicity of it...great w/a pair of jeans. Fun.
    Bead Happy!

  8. Completely wonderful! And very Calder! You did well!

  9. Totally Calder, totally cool!