Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sweet And Sour

First for the sweet. A new pair of earrings demonstrating yet again how my kids get along. Earwires from Miss Fickle Media. Lampwork glass rondelles from Mermaid Glass. Enameled headpins from Sue Beads. Earrings at Pearl And Pebble.
The sour. I had one of my favorite plates hanging on the guest room door. It was my grandmother's. Loved the color on black and white. Pattern on pattern. It was a Royal Winton. I love Royal Winton. Here in Michigan lately, there is either no air circulation or tornado warnings. Yesterday the wind blue the door shut and my plate flew off the nail, which actually has quite a large head on it, so ???? You are now observing my precious plate. Now I'm going to have to do a mosaic. Sigh.


  1. OOOH - so pretty, can I post the pic on my blog?

  2. these earrings are beautiful - i love when you can pull components from different people together and they harmonize wonderfully! gorgeous, sure to sell quickly... and so sorry about the plate...i do hope you are able to help it live on in another way...

  3. It's so frustrating when you lose something which was special.

    The earrings are lovely.

  4. So sad about your plate. But, it would make a gorgeous mosaic. At least you'd still have it to enjoy. Love the earrings, too. The color looks amazing with the copper components.