Monday, August 20, 2012

I want the best daiquiri out there

Can you still do this? The cat was stuck under the entertainment center. We are waiting to close on our house. So frustrating. This temporary 4th floor apartment living is getting to me. Wouldn't be so bad, but we have the dog and it makes going out harder. It's hot too. Apparently it rains four times a year in California. My e-mail addresses aren't working. So I can't respond to anyone that way after a post. There are three holes in the wall from the boys pulling the dining chairs over. I finally locked those in the second bathroom. The other two with their booster chairs are tied together, as are the doors to the entertainment center. The lamps are off the tables and the couch is away from the window. They are climbing everything everywhere. Purple juice and scuff marks won't come off. And plaster is pulled off the wall from the baby gates. This is all in one month. They steal each other's toys out of their hands, pile on, shove and pull hair. Eighteen months old. No real words. I guess that adorable high pitched screaming screech is preferable. So tell me moms, are the twos really all that terrible? Please tell me we are just starting early. Yes, that is the drawer.


  1. Oh my, but they are little tigers. I think the 2's hit your family early. Mine were perfect angels at this age (not really). But no the 2's are not terrible. You'll relax and so will the little guys when you get into your new house and things settle in. Promise.

  2. There are no two experiences alike, IMHO. I had four boys and survived (no twins, so I did it four times LOL) You are definitely in a particularly stressful circumstance, and your boys are aware of it. Please take EVERY OFFER OF HELP and REMOVE EVERY UNNECESSARY ITEM from your environment (and I'm sure you have done all that). With two of my boys, it wasn't safe to have plants, lamps or even end tables. I sometimes felt we were living in a house with only pillows and a few toys! As to their age, I found the younger it starts, the faster the drama ends.

    My sister, who DID have twins (girls), would tell you to just dig in and ride it out. Twins start early, learn fast, read each other's minds, and alternate between fighting each other, and ganging up to fight you! The terrible/terrific twos are over so fast, but it sure doesn't feel like that when you are in the midst of it. When you are finally done with this move, you may find the rest is gravy.

  3. I was not blessed with children, so I have zero words of wisdom for you! I do wish you the best of luck and hope that your new home brings you all much happiness!

  4. I agree with the other in a temporary location is stressful for you and the boys can feel it! I lived in a hotel for two months until our house was ready and it certainly stressed me out and I don't have two small children!!! Once you are settled they will as well! I've twin brothers, who did everything together until they got older...each child is different so your experiences will be uniquely yours!

    My one suggestion is to take any/all offers of help...
    I'm sure it doesn't feel like fun a the does get better!

    All the best...hope things work out sooner than later for you!

  5. I hope you aren't offended that I am chuckling just a bit. My 'baby' is starting h.s. on Monday and I honestly can still see him in his tantrum days and think of all the things we did to keep him out of or off of different things. I can only imagine what that would be like with two! But it will pass and you will look back on this with a chuckle too! I promise!
    I have been stuck on this quote lately... You can't change the wind, but you can adjust your sails. I guess the best advice I have is not to lose your sense of humor. And take all the pictures of this you can because some day you will be able to share it with their prom dates ;-)
    Enjoy the day Miss Tari!

  6. I still remember those days! They would knock over lamps!Pull things off the wall! Pull things out of drawers! Until I nailed down anything that moved or moved it out of reach (which changes constantly)! They do grow out of this. Eventually! The taking off in two directions is fun too! Just think of all of the exercise you are getting! I didn't have any weight issues at that time!