Thursday, August 23, 2012

See Ya White Box

So the movers are scheduled for Saturday. Yaaayyyy. Wonder how that is going to work out with the babies. Um hmm. Can't "toss" em in the yard cause there is a pool that doesn't have a fence around it yet. Hubby's parents are coming in on Tues. for a week or so. Don't know when I'll be able to get back on the computer. This has been one little perk of being in a box on the 4th floor! Oh and I actually read my camera manual and did the self timer thing. (So very proud) Took a new profile picture. AND I joined Pinterest and started a few boards. Boiled up some frozen edamame. It's all good at the moment. (Pigeon bob going on right now-can you picture it?) Why yes it is nap time. How did you know?!?!


  1. I hope your move went smoothly!

  2. lol...hope your move went well!!!

    Enjoy setting up your new home...