Sunday, January 29, 2012

WOW can't believe I haven't posted in over a month! Hope everyone had a great holiday!! My life is wonderfully crazy as always. The babes are almost a year-can you believe it?!?! Our daily routine includes many servings of Cheerios these days. The other day when I poured them out on the trays I saw a heart in the middle of one. I set it aside and of course lost it. So next pour out I was on a mission to find another. Found one. Turns out it really isn't that hard actually.
Here we are with our "monster faces".
Sometimes we can even get the claws going too! I don't want to wish these baby days away, but I am looking forward to when we can make stuff together. Does any one have any non toxic media suggestions for little ones? Everything goes IN THE MOUTH. I mean everything. We went out of town after New Years. We have a mini van with split seats that allows me to climb in the back while we are driving so I can interact/give a bottle etc. Well I climbed back for no particular reason actually only to find one sleeping blissfully and the other awake with a mouth full of foam that he had been working out of a small exposure in his car seat. (Totally makes me furious with the car seat manufacturers especially as this wasn't a cheap seat, but that's another post.) The other day a wad of string. This morning a tiny moldy leaf from God knows where. So anyway, I guess we could finger paint on the high chair trays with food. I have helped them hold a marker while they move around on paper. We made a few cards this way. I'd like to play with something where they have total freedom though. Have a great weekend!!!


  1. Oh goodness I remember those days where you feel like the only thing you get done is following the little ones around the house to make sure they are safe!

    What cuties they are!

  2. They look like such happy and joy filled little boys. I had nearly forgotten the everything goes into the mouth stage. You could maybe think of it as strengthen their immune system by challenging it with exposure to new things.

  3. Cuties! Seems like cheerios are in the fav food category.