Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hello There

Oh how sweet is nap time?!?! Thought I might actually fit a bit 'o bloggin in at this time. Silly Mommy.
This lasted until I stuck the camera card in the computer. Then........STEREO WAILING. Of course to be fair, they were starving. Poor sweet things. Like little alarm clocks they are. They still have their night and day mixed up a bit. Night time is rough on Mr. Pearl and Pebble and myself. If we can maintain a feeding stagger, it works out OK. However this week they are on the same one and that means we both have to be up. Right about now, I could sleep for a week. Yellow Dog is a bit neglected these days and gets all excited when I get the camera. It used to be reserved for her and beads. Do you see her sticking out her tongue at me? Such an attitude!!!
And the beads? They are not even speaking to me they are sooooooo fed up. A few shots of portions of my table last visited in February. Yikes! I had re-situated down in the basement from the guest room where they used to live. The guest room has had to be a guest room.
Yes we have had the visitors. Next week Mr.'s sis is coming to lend a hand. She is insisting on doing my laundry. Oh how we really just shouldn't go there. My laundry and the babies bottles..... I am a bit OCD and have control issues by nature and these two areas have me a wee bit stressed. Oh well Miss Pearl just let the ones who love you take care of you if they want to.
I picked a good day to visit the blogging world. Lorelei is having an awesome giveaway! Four Jade Scott pendants. Check it out. Hopefully all my stars are in alignment. I'll cross my fingers. Click on the links for a look-see. I have a new computer and am still trying to figure out how get the pictures I want. My old HP director is gone. Mr. Pearl and Pebble is thrilled with this, but I knew how to work it and I am a bit lost.
The Little Pebbles have again begun a concerto soooo....................... (In a perfect world binkies would grow on trees)


  1. *sigh*
    Those sleeping babes make me want to just breathe in their youth. So beautiful!

    Do take good care of yourself Miss Pearl & Pebble! And sleep when they sleep (after shooting a few pics of their gorgeous faces!).

    So excited for you and this new chapter.

    Enjoy the day!

  2. Oh, they are so beautiful! Enjoy.

  3. Those little fellows are so beautiful...I can almost smell them...babies do smell wonderful don't they!

    Enjoy, let others help you when they are around...
    I'm so happy for your and the Mr...

  4. oh, congratulations! i am so very thrilled for you...

    if you can (and i know it is hard with twins, my cousins are) sleep when they can... laundry and other things will still be there... i am still saying this with a 19,15 & 12 yr. old...

    enjoy the snuggles and all of that beautiful love -


  5. I'm so happy for you! Your little angels are so cute. And forget about the laundry and enjoy the precious time with your babies:-)