Thursday, September 15, 2011

I am participating in Michelle's Very Vintage Fall Challenge and these are the cool little bits she sent for me to work with. My wheels are spinning, rusty as they feel these days. Love the vintage lucite and especially the little have ball charm front and center! I have bunches of vintage beads I think would be fun to use. We'll see. Fall Challenge Button On a completely different note, I need some advice. I purchased some beads back on August 22. They have yet to arrive. I have convo'd the seller. Never heard back. Thought maybe the holiday, sickness, made to order??? So I convo'd again the other day. Nothing. I know she's not in the hospital, because there have been updated listings in her shop. What do I do? For the record I am a very nice person to deal with. I just want to know the status or if they have shipped, if my ding bat mail lady dropped them somewhere on the grassy spot between the sidewalk and the street again. I am more upset that I am not being acknowledged. She has hundreds of 100% positive feedback. No neutral. No negative. I do not understand.


  1. Ok, I'll have to think about where I read about this, cause I remember reading on someone's blog about the same thing. Seems like it was an etsy supplier, and people were giving comments about them, and this person said the same as you, and they had emailed like 30 times trying to get status on an order. Not being a big shopper, my only purchases have been satisfactory. I hope someone else can offer a solution for you.

  2. Awesome lucite beads! As for the crummy Etsy seller, I'd probably send one more convo saying exactly what you shared above about wanting a status, not understanding lack of acknowledgment to convos when you see new listings being added...and that it would stink to be the first to leave less than positive feedback. :( Good luck with that!

  3. Great color combo...perfect for fall!

    I agree...I would be annoyed because of the lack of response myself! Have you tried sending her an email rather than a convo...her email should be on the invoice, it is worth a try? Good luck...