Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Melanie Brooks was most kind in giving me permission to print out her lovely sunset photo so that I might make a pastel painting. Landscape of any kind has always given me troubles. I don't know why. It took layers upon layers and then -CLICK- it worked. Then I sprayed it with fixative. Oh:( Darkened way down it did!!!! Lost all my subtle "beauty colors." So what did we learn from that Tari? Ok so I went back over and over and it's not so bad. Needs some tweeking - the horizon line is still a wee bit wobley for the ocean. But I'm kind of happy with this. The really cool thing is that if I did 50 more of these from the same photograph, they would all "emerge" differently. I think that is the magic of creating anything.


  1. Oh...that is beautiful Tari, you must be so proud!!!
    Your sunset is a wonderful inspiration for me as I've always wanted to paint the sunsets I see out my window!!! Good to know a fixative will darken the piece...


  2. That is beautiful! Aww, it gives me warm memories of the day I took the picture too! Thanks for sharing!