Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Inspired by Coffee

I have just finished my last Boot Camp assignment with Lilla Rogers.  July's prompt was create a piece for ourselves using our favorite morning beverage as inspiration.  

Here is a digital illustration using Procreate on my tablet. I have a Sensu stylus but there are newbies and then there is me when it comes to digital stuff....... I can't get a fine point nor can I see to "match" up my lines.

Mixed media and collage using a gelatin printed background from gosh five years ago. I printed multiple coffee/banana/ coffee pot images using the stamp I carved (see last image). Still wasn't working for me, the background was a bit overpowering so I made masks and stencils and collaged and printed over with another carved stamp. Still wasn't picturesque enough so I added the kitty in the background with inks and gouache. I don't know why he needed a monacle, but that's what the muse said so.......

Another digital, but I edited in Picassa.

This is the one that I submitted to the class gallery because this is the the one that excited me most in creating it. I carved the image into a rubber block and then printed with seven colors. I stenciled the saucer and used a different stamp for the pattern. I have more started. I purchased a set of Sennelier pan watercolors with some birthday cash.  YUMMMMMO! And a bottle of Sennelier India Ink. Double Yum

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  1. These are Terrific! I especially like the tea / coffee cup! Awesome job Tari!