Thursday, July 17, 2014

July ABS Challenge and ANOTHER Passion

I managed another Art Bead Scene Monthly Challenge-Yaaayyy Me! Actually, THANK YOU THANK YOU my sweet baby boys!!! They have been slightly more patient with me and mommy time. When I saw this month's challenge-the colors-oh my! I immediately thought this needed to be a woven something. I purchased this awesome loom over a year ago from Sew Nina on Etsy. I've made a few things. Only takes me a year you know. I've given one to a dear friend. I tried to give these to a family member, but I got the feeling she wasn't enamored with them. I think the uneven widths bothered her a bit. I dig them though and I love love love weaving!


  1. I love this look, Tari :) I bought a beaded weaving tutorial awhile back but haven't made time to try it out. Your design is inspirational AND a great take on the interesting lines of the painting :)

  2. This scale is perfect and these turned out so beautifully. I had not thought about weaving till I saw this post. Which reminded me of a weaving frame I made back in High School. I recycled an old frame about the size of a standard pillow case. It is another great outlet for creativity. I'll dig around and see I can find a photo of it to share.