Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Today's Endeavors in Ink

WOW. Two months. how does that happen!?!?! Well even though I have been slack in my blogging, I have been (less slack) making some art. And it has been printing. LUUUHUV it! This morning was a preschool morning so after I dropped the boys off I came home and did a little work. Although it was one of "those" days when nothing exciting or really super positive results from the labor.  I made a plate yesterday with super heavy gel medium and engraved it. Could hardly sleep I just couldn't wait to see how it would print. Well... The first print here is actually the third one. And I hand pressed it because my paper was too wet with my first attempt and the paper stuck to the plate in my second attempt. This behaved more like a relief print and I was disappointed because I really wanted an engraving. 

  Notice more black in the incised areas on the second versus the first ? And the pigment spread beyond the borders on the second? Sigh. I guess I could mat to the image.

 Here is the plate. I kind of like the plate as a finished piece on it's own. What do you think?

  The stuck-age.

This one was printed the other day by painting my plate with watercolors and then hand pressing. Needs something. I am happy with the saturation, but some of my colors are a bit - depressing?

Ah here is a colored piece of sandpaper.

 Here it is ironed on a piece of fabric. A transfer print, yes? This was play with the boys. We did this weeks ago and I just picked it up again. I think I must have mushed in some paints on it because only the crayon transfers. It was one of the projects in this fabulous must have book for art with little ones. ART LAB FOR LITTLE KIDS  by Susan Schwake.

I have listed some of my other pieces in my Etsy shop. Take a peek if you get a chance. I love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. The plate is very cool on it's own...and the prints you got from are way cool too! Delightful pieces!!!