Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Blessings, Peace and Love

The past few years have been a whirlwind. Life with the boys is amazing as well as nuts to put it quite simply. I used to have "opinions" about others and their parenting choices. Not so much anymore! Some days ya just got to go with it and do what you got to do to maintain sanity. Even if that translates as five episodes in a row of Paw Patrol, know what I'm sayin? And yet it doesn't get any better than "Mamma"? "What sweetie"? "Mamma I love you sooo sooo much"! My baby boys. They just turned four. I can hardly believe it. Some times I look at them and it hits me that these are my sons - I have sons- WOW- and look how big they are? How did THAT happen? A whirlwind I tell you, so fast, so crazy. Little boys, not babies anymore, soon to be young men.

Handsome little hunks huh?!? Being so far away from our families and that support system has been challenging. It got to be so frustrating for me because I couldn't find the time to create or figure out what I wanted to create, so desperately wanting to be an artist and try and find my niche.  We started going to a church nearby and I rekindled my relationship with my Lord. Things have a little more perspective when my eyes are off of myself.  I am on a pilgrimage, This life is not the destination. I have always believed this, just had it pushed back in my mind a little to far. My job is mommy. And what a blessed calling. My responsibility is to serve.  I am an artist. Don't need to keep looking for validation. I am a creative person created by the Ultimate Artist. And so I will play with my creative impulses and with my darlins. And won't it be exciting to see where all this will lead?!? Blessings, Peace  and Love,


  1. Handsome boys, precious times.
    I hope you find a little time to yourself to be creative soon. Maybe when they are safely in school and out if the house.....unless that's when you catch up on your sleep/housework!

  2. Good for you, Tari! You have your priorities straight, girl... hope you don't wait as long as I did (my 4 boys are grown and my time is my own again. Where did all those years go?)

  3. We miss you here in Michigan. Finding time for art can be challenging but especially at the ages your boys are now! It won't be long and they will be in school and you can grab more time for creating.

  4. Hey Friend,

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