Wednesday, October 7, 2009

So I ordered a bunch of supplies to get started with metal clay. Things should be arriving within a couple of days so I will keep you posted with my progress. Or not. If I don't comment I probably had a bad clay day. Can you blow up a kiln? I have a couple of shows (painting) this winter and spring so I must get a move on that. I don't know why deciding what to paint is so damn hard! I'm thinking still life. I was soooo frustrated last week because I started panicking a bit. I stumbled across and old Artist Magazine and it had some good articles. Opened me up a bit. See that's why I don't ever want to get rid of anything! Somehow I need to get a manageable schedule going of when I will create, list and post. I did spend the afternoon listing more beads on Little Blue Egg. It is amazing how long that actually takes. Granted, I did take the photos today as well. I "set up" a few earring configurations too, so I can actually create some while Jer and I are watching TV. Stay tuned:) The picture is a pair of vintage wooden shoes I found at my local resale shop. I L-O-V-E LOVE hunting for treasure!

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