Monday, October 19, 2009

So I went on my first little get-a-way with the girls this weekend. It was planned as an artists retreat, however, none of us even picked up a pencil. To be fair, we only had not even the whole weekend actually. Six of us rented a house in Sagatauk, Michigan - great town - lots of cool shops, galleries and on Lake Michigan. We did take a little hike Saturday morning and walked over the dunes- which were wooded at this point- to Lake Michigan. Found some great natural treasures- acorns, stones, driftwood. We also shopped. Wonderful antique shops. Note: If you love to "hunt" don't go antiquing with five other women. Although I probably stayed out of trouble (at least at the store) because they were there. A few things I did find, among them were the bulls eye buttons. I absolutely love the colors and the wear on them! Turquoise, red and gold are at the top of my favorite color combinations so these little beauties were a must have. When I got them home it occurred to me that they might just go with a necklace I am in the process of building. Last week it occurred to me to experiment with images of parts of some of my paintings so I made the pendant. Jer and I had gone to the flea market two weekends ago and I found that glorious necklace. I really like how the flower segments go with the pendant. When I got the buttons home yesterday I really really liked how all three work together. So it will be a fun process to see how everything comes together.

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