Friday, December 4, 2009

One A Day No. 4

The really great thing about photographing work is that it can be seen differently and the bits I'd like to tweak become more evident. Not unhappy with this. I am drawn to the the looseness, the "wobbly bits" as one of my professors used to call them and the painterly aspects. I do like working with pastel. I can haul it all over and can zone out. I am not crazy about today's paper. La Carte Pastel Board. Too sand papery. Tears up the oil pastel. Pulled out the Nupastels. Like them but they make more dust and I was working horizontally so a little more messy. However all that said, I am managing to stick to my new morning ritual even if it is only day four. Baby steps. Can't make it to step one hundred without the first ninety-nine right?

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