Thursday, May 20, 2010

Check Out My New Little Hubba-Hubbas!

Mary Harding's offering -SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!
AND OMG-MaryAnn Carroll! LOVE THESE!! All these precious babies were not gotten because of a habit I have. No Sir! I follow the Beads of Clay Blog and they have a giveaway on second Wednesdays!!!!! Go. See. Follow. Comment. Receive. Enjoy. Also I mentioned the other day that I will be doing some little PIFs. In order for those to provide the happiest of moments, I believe that they need to show up in your mailbox unannounced. So if you are interested in gettin something from me in the hopes of making you smile, please contact me with your snail mail address.


  1. there is NOTHING like an unannounced surprise package in the mail. Nothing better than that I must say!!
    you feel free to send beads to me anytime you like :D

  2. would love to get a beady suprise in my mail box, that would be so cool

  3. Dude! Where do I sign up!!! Send me beads!!

  4. those clay cuties are gorgeous!!
    and I agree, nothing like mail, especially when its a package and extra-specially when its a surprise! :D
    where do we sign up?! :)

  5. I have some of those last Carroll beads shown and I love them!
    Mary Harding is on my list to collect, she does incredible work!

  6. Happy Memorial Day Friend! I adore your blog & I'm so glad I found you. I look forward to following you through life's adventures!