Friday, May 14, 2010


So as I mentioned on my sidebar, I was honored to be April's guest blogger for Rings And Things! WHOO-HOO!!! They graciously allowed it to be my pick. So now I am sharing some pictures of my choices and a few things that I have done with them so far. One of the first items I thought was so cool was the Free-Trade recycled paper beads from Uganda. Absolutely love the concept, and love the beads. I also loved the way they play so very well with LeAnn's beautiful stoneware beads. And so I made up a necklace with them which also happens to be my submission for BOC's last color challenge. I think this works pretty well for a "cool" color theme don't you? Not to toot my own horn or anything!!!....
Here is a pic of my Rings and Things Loot! I had the hardest time making up my mind. So one of the things I decided on was a strand of mixed stones. GORGEOUS!!!! They are 6mm faceted rondelles - PERFECT for just about ANYTHING but I think they work especially well for earrings and spacers. I really like to incorporate natural stone in just about everything.
Also notice the dyed Magnesite. Had to have it! Wonderful slices in graduation sizes. Great fiesta colors. Perfect for spring and summer designs. I love looking at what falls under the Special Finds category-it's the first place I look usually! I still have a lot more playing to do obviously!
But I did make up these earrings with a few of Magnesite slices! My second attempt at a little hammer work too. What do you think?
"Small Print":
All items mentioned as from Rings And Things were provided as promotional gifts for review and/or design partnership purposes only.


  1. Oooooh, loving those blue free trade beads from Uganda! Aaaaaand loving your latest pieces of jewelry! Great colors and composition :)

  2. SQUEE!! These are awesome! So fresh and festive. Love them!!!

  3. love your hammering, love everything... and i covet those ugandan beads... must get myself some of those! great job - have fun!

  4. Great bead the necklace, anything blue is a favorite of mine.

    Great earrings...very summery!