Thursday, May 13, 2010

Here is my first finished piece from my PMC class. I still need to patina it. Doesn't my reflection look like there is a ninja hovering over me? It has been cloudy and raining for about a week now. I am grateful for the rain. We had a lot last year and think that's why everything was so gorgeous all summer. However, my serotonin level appears to have sunk to minus eighty. I think the only solution is going to be to run to the market for some sort of chocolate goo. Any recommendations? I have decided to send out PIF goodies. If you are a follower, you are in. I'll randomly draw names and just keep going. Don't know what it will be. Maybe stash, maybe a finished piece, maybe art, maybe something PMC!!! In case you don't know what PIF is, "Pay It Forward" (I think) anyhow I do know the concept is simple. I will send you something because I want to make you happy. All you need to do is something with the intent to brighten someone's day. It doesn't have to be in material form either. It can be as simple as a smile and a kind word to a stranger. That's it. All about spreadin the love. Ok now show me a little and tell me what chocolate I want.


  1. I love mint chocolate - but I know not everybody is a fan of it....

  2. go for some moonstruck chocolate, its from my home state of Oregon, and its the best!

  3. Gorgeous ring...I'm just beginning with Art Clay and making a huge mess!!! :0)

    I love fruit & nuts in milk chocolate, somewhat healthy, right???

  4. I am a HUGE believer and live by the PIF code. one act of kindness triggers another - it is so true! sometimes it can be a bit to bear, i have two roommates now because of it- but hopefully i can be a positive influence on them :)

    that ring is GORE-JUSS!!! (but you know this :)

  5. OH!!!! my secret word to type to comment on your blog was 'caring'
    how cool is that!!!