Monday, July 11, 2011

I Need A Teapot

A nice cup of tea..... Don't get me wrong, the day doesn't start well without a nice cup or two or three of coffee. I am a purist. I like it full bodied and black. I do like a nice hazelnut, but only from my local market. If you live in southeast Michigan and are near a Nino Salvaggio, get their hazelnut beans. I prefer to grind right before I brew, but I prefer to not wake sleeping babies even more. Somewhere mid day I really dig a nice cup of tea. Earl Grey is my favorite, not so pure, with sugar and milk. I do prefer loose tea, but I suspect there is a world of tea undiscovered by me.
So I am asking for some enlightenment. First let me explain that this year for my, I asked for a teapot with an infuser. I have been given funds to pick out one that makes me giddy with delight. But this is not an easy thing to shop for. Do I want glass, ceramic, iron?????? Who knew? I had seen one at the hardware store and when I sent Mr. Pearl and Pebble over there yesterday, he said it was "crap". So I need some recommendations from any tea lovers out there. Please. I don't want to use my little infuser spoons anymore. What kind of teapot with an infuser should I buy? What tea makes your toes curl with delight? By the way, don't you love the mug?!?! I got that years and years ago in North Carolina at a local art fair. The artist's name is Amy Hunt. I was delighted to see that she has an Etsy shop too. And just in case I still have to do all that "stuff", Twinings has no idea I like their tea or that I posted a picture on my blog.


  1. love that mug..i'm an Earl Grey fan..and sometimes indulge in coffee..with 1/2n 1/2.
    i think a ceramic teapot has such a friendly feel to ones make me nervous. is a fun site,has a wide variety of teapots and i think they also have mesh infusers that fit into different pots.

  2. Great mug...I collect hand crafted mugs, gotta love them!

    I'm a one coffee in the morning and that is it person, I do like tea in the winter though.

    I've two tea pots one is antique, it is made from pottery and I love it, the other is glass but the tea just doesn't taste the same? I think picking a pot is a personal thing...I'm not constant tea drinker so I'm not much help!


  3. Sorry, no advice here - coffeeholic:-)