Thursday, July 21, 2011

Teapots, Babies, Beads Oh My!

I found a teapot! I choose a little Bee House ceramic pot. Thanks for all your suggestions. I was torn really. I really liked the cast iron fish teapot that I saw at Enjoying Tea, a cool site Nan recommended. Ultimately though, I decided on this little beauty. The little guys are doing well. This week we got their helmets for their phlagiocephaly. We aren't starting off so good though because we do not have central air and it's been houvering near or at 100 degrees and I don't want them to start out in misery.
And my beads? Well I had misunderstood what I was reading on the various sites while researching product. My stoneware matures at a cone 6 and that's what I bisqued to. OOOPS! I was confused when I was looking at my glaze bottles and the label was telling me to apply to a bisqued cone 04. Now, I knew that the glaze could be fired up to 6 so that got me inquiring again. Good thing, because I am guessing if I had applied the glaze and refired it would have slid right off onto the kiln bottom. I've also purchased a shelf in the meantime so if I fufu I won't wreck anything. Hopefully. I did apply kiln wash to the floor, but I want a little more peace I guess. I suppose I should really take a refresher course, but I don't see me doing anything of the sort until about 2016. Bout the same time I get my hair cut again and this tooth filled-if it's still there.


  1. Awwww, look at those boys and how fast they're growing! I still have your little clay guys sitting on my desk next to my computer. They have been handled a lot this past week as some little girls have been in my office/studio while I'm working and in the evenings, making them beads. They like your little guys, too. Can't wait to see what will be coming out of the kiln in the coming months!

  2. Such cuties, and getting so big, isn't it amazing how fast they grow...hope it cools down for the fellows a bit!!!

    Unfortunately it is HOT everywhere.
    I'll watch for new pieces coming out of the kiln soon...