Saturday, August 20, 2011

It might have been good George........

I just got THE BEST e-mail from my sister-in-law. It's a little joke and it goes something like this: A woman was sitting in a bar enjoying a cocktail after work with some co-workers when an extraordinarily handsome, extremely sexy middle aged man wandered in. She tried to look away but couldn't stop starring. Seasoned as he was he noticed her gaze and walked over to her. He whispered in her ear " I will do anything you want me to, no matter how kinky, for twenty dollars. But there is one condition." Intrigued she asked what the condition was. "You must tell me in three words." The woman thought for a moment, reached into her purse and pressed a twenty and her address into his hand. She looked at him thankfully and said "Clean my house."
OK needless to say I found this extremely funny! All I can imagine is George Clooney wandering around my living room with the vacuum cleaner while I sip the most fabulous pomegranate margarita ever made. Johnny Depp would be OK too, as long as he was dressed in his pirate outfit.
The thing about me is that I OVER THINK sometimes, and this wondrous fantasy soon came crashing as I the pessimist took the fantasy to the point where George was constantly asking where this should go and where could he find that. So annoying. I'll just do it myself.
I know the baby pic really has nothing to do with the post, but I only have baby pics at the moment. They are laughing though!


  1. so funny...and yep good choices..GC and JD in pirates garb..

  2. George Clooney could clean my house any day :-)He could even ask annoying questions. Your boys are getting so big! and so handsome.

  3. That is a gorgeous picture! How long did it take you to get them both looking the right way at the same time?! My 7 month old keeps looking away when I get the camera out at the moment!
    Good choices - think I'd be tempted to add Robert Downey Junior to the list too...

  4. loved the joke...made me laugh!!!

    Gorgeous photos of the boys!


  5. OMG@ I love the story, but those boys are gorgeous! Maybe one day they'll be the ones cleaning the house! LOL