Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Found A New Shop

When Mr. Pearl and Pebble goes out of town I "act up". Last trip I OD'd on Vera Bradley purses from QVC. This trip, I Etsy'd after the boys went to bed (instead of doing something productive) and came accross this AWESOME shop. Scorched Earth. Have you heard of it? OMG I totally spent money. Here are just a few of Petra's wares. I didn't buy the nomad man pendant. I REALLY REALLY WANT him though!!!! I just love her earthy style.
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  1. Great link, love the body parts.

  2. cool work...definitly unique! have fun with your purchases...look forward to how yow use them!

  3. What a really cool shop! Thanks for sharing it with us. . .now to browse! :)