Sunday, June 1, 2014

History Hop Reveal

Leah of Beady Eyed Bunny hosts a really fun challenge every year. The idea is to create a piece of jewelry that is inspired by history. This year it was based on regions as well. I chose early Russia. I have to admit my research didn't get real extensive before I found something I was interested in. The necklaces I made were based on manistee necklaces which are layered necklaces that usually have a pendant or coins incorporated. See Viola's blog.  Viola lives in Siberia and has a lovely blog with a lot of really interesting information on her site. It is beautiful, interesting and very well done. The super cool glass rectangle beads are the beautiful creations of Checkoway Glass. Yes, I have been sitting on those puppies for about four years now. I used black waxed linen cord for all the strands and wrapped in around the beads to form my manistee pendant. The awesome bird charm is from Spirited Earth.  Here is a  list of the other participants. Enjoy!

Leah Curtis - Indus Valley -
Laney Mead - Māori -
Becca - Art Nouveau -
Melissa - English Romanticism and Mourning Jewelry -
Tracy Stillman - Native American -
Gerda - English Romanticism and Mourning Jewelry -
Liz E - Native North American -
Ahowin - Māori (New Zealand)  - 
Jasvanti - Indus Valley -
Lizzie - Art Nouveau -
Julia Hay - Merovingian -
Dini - Celtic -
Caroline - Art Nouveau - 
Charlie - Moche of Peru -
Karin - China -
Niky Sayers - Rome -
Marcia Dunne - Celctic and Mourning Jewelry -
anafiassa - Mesopotamia -
Kokopelli - Native American -
Christa - Native American -
Clair - Roman -
Susan Bowie - Native American -
Gloria Allen - English Romanticism -
Sheila Garrett - Early Russia -

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  1. Tari, these are soo cool! Wonderfully assembled! I really like the personal challenges.