Tuesday, February 16, 2010


New acquisitions from Sue Beads. She included a couple little beauties in the orders! Love the silvered earth tones in the etched bead!
Now , do we L-O-V-E the little owl pendant from Patina Queen ?!?!?
BE STILL MY HEART! I am IN LOVE with this little monster pendant from Cindy Ginter at Potterygod.
Totally diggin' these tiny lampwork glass jump rings from Hanson Stone Handmade.
Gorgeous glass from Kelley's Beads! I love the etched with the "undulating ribbon." She included a couple of her new little nuggets! Love Them!! BTW, Kelley is very good about whipping up a batch of just about anything you need and is very convo friendly, so if you see something or have an idea, give her a holler.
UMMMMM Love These Pendants from Diane Hawkey! The little frog is my FAVORITE!!
Here are some glass beads I just bought from Checkoway Glass, a new shop I found on Etsy.
Incredibly lovely beads from Artisan Clay! The blue pendant and sodalite beads were my winnings from the Beads of Clay Color Challenge. The beautiful connector pendant was one that I had had my eye on since Christmas. Since Kristie was going to be mailing me a package anyway........
Wonderful beads from Andrew Thornton. I love the earthy glass - and those owls!!! Sooo sweet! He included a neat little polymer bead that he made. I love it and I think it is going to be perfect in a design for Erin's Solar System Design Challenge.
Tantalizing glass from Cindy Gimbrone.
That's all. ahem. Looks like this little missy has some beading to do!


  1. Wow, you went on an absolutely mad shopping spree for gorgeous beads! I love all the ones you chose :) Great colors in the beads from Checkoway, too!

  2. holy smokes! you got some great stuff! i think my brain would be melting! enjoy yourself - and i have to check out some shops i didn't know about!

  3. hee hee, well the subject of melting the brain is another post...there is some speculation that this may have already or is in a constant state of occuring! This accumulation is actually spans out over about a month- I am just that far behind!!!

  4. Oh Yummy!!! That little monster is so cute!

    You do have some beading to do!