Friday, February 12, 2010

A fun time had by all at the bead soup party. Still catching up on all of it! I can't wait to wear my beautiful new necklace tonight! I slept horribly - all was well until Mr. Pearl and Pebble "bounced in his sleep, freaking the dog out, making her jump off the bead, scaring the cat who was on top of me...... I hate being woken up. Good luck with that I know when the baby gets here. Here are my latest pastel paintings. I was thinking cheerleaders in a pyramid the whole time painting this. These baby beets were too beautiful at the market. The colors were amazing! They tasted good too. Suprisingly easy to cook: Break the greens off, Wash, Put in a pan of boiling water with enough water to just cover them. Boil until tender-I found that this was until the water pretty much boiled away. Put in bowl of cold water. Slide the skins off, slice. I put them back in the pan with melted butter for a quick reheat. Toss with fresh chopped parsley, salt and pinch of pepper. Done and Yum.
I called this one Private Party. I love the perceived animation I conjour up in my head. Must stem from early childhood when one plays with their food.


  1. your paintings are wonderful.
    i love the baby beets..
    and your cooking tips..
    you're making me hungry..
    The bead soup was so much fun this week.

  2. I have never eaten beets and have always been convinced I would not be a better person for trying them. I inherently know I will not like them. But now you have me rethinking with your little recipe.

    And I like the conversations I'm conjuring up in my head looking at these talking pears. I think the painting is aptly named :)

  3. Your paintings are lovely. Would love see them hanging in my kitchen. . . Try roasting your beets next time - even easier, and sweeeeet!

  4. Thank you all! And I will try the roasting Lisa, because I do like easier and sweeter:)