Monday, February 1, 2010

Color Challenge Bracelets

So I did decide to use this design for the Analogous Color Scheme in the BOC Color Challenge. And here is what I will submit for the monochromatic color theme. It also has a Lisa Peters' stoneware connector. (one of the criteria is that a clay bead must be used) Also in there, glass jump rings from Hanson Stone Handmade - (one of my new favorite things btw), carved sodalite rose, vintage crystals and a glass bead with a "dZi" design that I have had forever and never had the right occasion to use it. Here again I must stress the importance of never getting rid of anything! (Are you reading this Mr. P&P?!?!)


  1. Wow...both are simply gorgeous...I love all shades of I'm partial to the second one but I would love either one!!! jump rings, sounds interesting!
    Best of luck in the challenge...

  2. Hi Tari! You won the Monochromatic Section of the Challenge!

    I blogged about it on the Beads-of-clay blog

  3. I looooove your work! And, I wanted to, I've given you the Sunshine Award this Monday morning. Check it out:
    Have a great week!