Monday, February 22, 2010


Here is my necklace that I made for Erin's Solar System Challenge! I suspended natural stone and crystal on Supplemax nylon line. I did take liberties with placement and size, but I tried to stick to the colors somewhat! It's all fun anyway, right!!!???!!!


  1. It's heavenly ;-) Seriously, this is beautiful and I love the little twinkly stars in it.

  2. Wheeee! That is a fun trip through space! That reminds me of the clay planets we made for when Sport-O had to do the Solar System project...suspended on memory wire. Thank you so much for playing along! Good luck!
    Enjoy the day! Erin

  3. oh, how perfectly celestial! wonderful... i have ideas swirling through my head... hoping to get a chance to make one of them...

  4. Very clever idea! I think it's very pretty and perfect for the Solar System Challenge!

    Btw, I just came across your blog (Bead Soup!), and I love the cocktail widget you put on your sidebar, so I had to get one of my own! Now I'm thirsty...