Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Heart Hedgehogs

Here is the painting that is this month's inspiration for Art Bead Scene's monthly challenge. I love this painting. And I found it to be very very inspiring. Haven't assembled a piece of jewelry yet, but I did pull out my paper, polymer, pens and pencils. That is a good thing. One of the first things I started doing was just doodling on bristol with water soluble pencils and art markers.
Then I started doodling on wooden disks.
I filled in some with my art markers and really loved the color. HOWEVER when it came to varnishing, the reds tended to bleed. So now I am trying to figure out what sealer/varnish is best.
I like this one. It bled, so I took some Prismacolor pencils to it and coated it with gloss varnish/medium. Maybe now I can just use wax?
Or just leave things "naked"? I have a bunch of Aanraku bails coming. Hopefully I can get some put together to my liking and stick them in my shop. Someday.
I also played with my polymer. I want to play with my earth clay, but needed instant gratification. I like him. I have a few more that haven't been carved out, painted, inked up, stained and sealed yet, but I think I will go for it. So thank you Art Bead Scene, this was just the challenge I needed!


  1. So cute--all of them. But my favorite is the polymer heggie.

    I've got several beads out on my table but so far nothing is working for me. Not much time left for the challenge.

  2. These little guys are darling ... and I also like your "Doodled Discs!" Hey, you can borrow that name for a nominal fee! LOL

  3. Oh that poly hedgie is too cute!

  4. So stinkin' cute! I love that little polymer clay one and those colored disks! How inventive and fun! What about using Magic Glos or Gel Du Soleil? That might work.
    Enjoy the day!

  5. Fun to see your working designs. Love the polymer heggie.

  6. What adorable little heggies... all of them! I'm thinking that Magic Glos and Gel Du Soleil will probably bleed the ink as well, though that is only a guess. One sealer that will work is called PYMII. (Preserve Your Memories II) It is a spray sealer/finish that will work on any surface, metal, glass, wood, paper, ink, and even polymer clay. It is a big favorite with the scrapbookers cause it makes even inkjet printed paper waterproof. It would be perfect for your inked wooden discs. You can find it online at ~Cindy

  7. Love your Hedgehogs - especially the polymer one! Gorgeous all of them!