Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mother's Jewels

When I worked at our local bead shop the current trend was mother's bracelets with their children's names spelled out with those alphabet beads and Swarovski crystals. After about the 500th bracelet I decided that particular look was never going to be for me. Sometimes the perfect piece if mother's jewelry expresses the simple prayer that is always present in her heart as seen in Lorelei's bracelet here. When Melanie over at Earthenwood Studio posted about her rabbit set here, I was instantly excited! This is a perfect set of beads for me for a mommy creation. This being the year of the rabbit and having see?
Another great example of something for mommy would be a glass and clay pendant from Kristie over at Artisan Clay. We wanted to give our mom something special for mother's day and I asked Kristie if she could make a pendant with glass colors signifying not only the twins, but also her other children. Never ever hesitate to ask an artist if they can do a custom piece for you, because they usually can and are quite happy to do so. I know Kristie bent over backwards for me, looking for the right colors and whipping up a few pieces to make sure she had something for me.
Do you have a favorite piece of mother's jewelry that you wear all the time or that you have made for someone special?


  1. Actually, I do. I wish I could say it's an artisan piece, but I love it anyway. It is a silver circle, and the words, "I love you" letters are all inside. Laid one on top of the other. So, if you just look at it, it looks like an abstract jumble of lines. Then when I trace the letters out to show someone, you get that aha moment. My mom gave it to me about 10 years ago. (And yes, I also have one of the mom bracelets too!) Of course, I never even thought about how tiring it could be, making them over and over again. :)

  2. I made my oldest daughter a silver pendent when she became a mother. For me, I made a resin photo pendent of our first grandson. Time is running out, I better get busy on another silver pendent for our other daughter who is reaching her due date! BTW, I really love the Lorelei bracelet!