Sunday, October 16, 2011

Macro Sunday

This time of year seems to revive my cooking desires. And there are things that I am pretty picky about. One of those things I insist on is grating my nutmeg. I love the little nut. I love scraping the "outerness" off, creating these wonderful facets and revealing all sorts of fabulous patterning. I love grating it, releasing the aroma and feeling the soft shavings left behind. I swear it enhances a recipe far more than pre-ground in a jar nutmeg. But I'm sure that could be debated and is a matter of opinion. So don't worry I don't think less of anyone who doesn't whip out their Microplaner when a quiche is on the dinner menu. (I know you find this to be a great relief!)
Another thing that I find fascinating is the "pictures" I see in such things. Do you see a smiling bird with really long legs too? (Yes, of course I'm tired, but he IS there.)
studio waterstone


  1. I DO see him! How cool is this? Ive never given any thought as to what nutmeg looks like before its put in a spice jar. Now I know! Great pics!

  2. laughing, at first I thought on my...then I looked again and yes I do see him....wonderful photos

  3. I do!
    I too have been cooking up a storm...

  4. Wow great pictures and yes I see the smiling bird with the long legs and long eye lashes too! I have never used fresh nutmeg, but fresh is always better than jar. Jar is just more readily available.

  5. I like to see pictures in things too....there is a pony's head on the knotty pine floor in my bedroom. :-)

  6. I've never seen or grated fresh nutmeg. As far as I'm concerned, it only comes in those little jars. I bet fresh nutmeg is amazing though. I do love all the veins in it, so pretty.
    I KINDA see the bird too. . .kinda