Monday, November 9, 2009

I actually won something! This never ever happens! Pearl and Pebble was randomly drawn for last week's give -a-away on Art Bead Scene! My booty will be a Jangles Pendant from Jennifer Heynen. YAAAAYYYYY. To claim the glorious prize, my instructions were simple e-mail her with my info. Well my server thought otherwise and would not let me do any sending from that address:( YIKES! I tried various things. Don't know what worked what didn't. I enlisted the help of Mr. Pearl And Pebble because he speaks computer much more fluently than I. He tweeked and I believe the problem has been corrected, however, I think poor Jennifer received about ten e-mails from me. I envision that on her end she is like "OMG ! Can you believe she sent another one ?!?! Here just have the darn pendant already!!!!" Sorry Jennifer!:D

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